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Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything
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Extend the Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution
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Meet Brian Anderson
B Anderson

Meet Brian Anderson, from IDT

Check out Brian's blog, "Microsoft Dynamics Nuggets" for more information on Microsoft products.
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Interest to see how much energy is being used?  See the population growth chart.  Check out the world clock 2010 by clicking here.
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IDT is pleased to announce Michael Ciabattari has been appointed to serve as President and COO of IDT Consulting.  Paul E. Szemplinski will remain as Chairman and will be focusing on continuing to build momentum on IDT's growing cloud initiatives and distributed, web-based document capture offerings.

Integration Insider September 2010

As we enter into the last quarter of 2010, businesses are still trying to recover from their long recession.  Having reduced costs dramatically, many companies are now well-positioned for future revenue growth and profits..  Aberdeen Group, the leading provider of fact-based research, recently released the report, "ERP in Small to Mid-size Enterprises: Fueling Growth and Profits." This report states that out of 578 small to mid-size companies surveyed, 80% anticipate growth in revenue.  While that is encouraging news, it is important to remember to also manage cost in order to yield higher profits.  With the right financial and operations management system, you will be able to reduce operating and administrative costs and better manage inventory so you turn your growth into profits.

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Paul Szemplinski
Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything
Do you often think that certain people excel in any given pursuit is largely determined by their genetic inheritance?  Tony Schwartz has written a book that lays out a guide, grounded in the science of high performance, to systematically build your excel capacity.  Read this article and learn the six keys to excellence and learn now we have the capacity to influence our own outcomes.

Upcoming Webcast at IDT
Quick Microsoft Dynamics Webcast:  Why Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Make a Potential License Change?
Are you thinking about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010? Are you sure you are optimizing the licensing you have and taking advantage every opportunity available? Attend this webcast to see the major benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 that give you new ways to do business. We also provide valuable information on the different licensing packages to help you be sure you are getting more out of your investment.
Date:  Thursday, September 30, 2010
Time:  10:00 a.m. PST
Length: 60 minutes
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Microsoft Dynamics Webcast: Microsoft Dynamics GP Light User: Extend Business Insight and Productivity to everyone in your organization

Many employees in organizations cannot access critical business data within business management solutions. Microsoft Dynamics GP Light User is a cost-effective solution that makes it possible for users to access business management solutions in a familiar Microsoft Office interface.

By using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Light User license, employees can interact with Microsoft Dynamics financial, human resources, and operational information within the Microsoft Office software they use daily. Using Microsoft Office desktop productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office Excel®, Microsoft Office Outlook®, and Microsoft Office Word, helps reduce the time required for training and gives your employees time to focus on what matters most.  Microsoft Dynamics GP Light User provides users direct access to the business-critical information they need.
Date:  Thursday, October 07, 2010
Time:  10:00 a.m. PST
Length: 60 minutes
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Videos
Below is a video where Eric Boocock, Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft gives an overview of CRM 2011.  He showcases some of the new features within CRM 2011 such as personalization, dashboards, sharepoint document library integration and much more!
Now is the time to start planning your upgrade from CRM 3.0, 4.0 to 2011.  You can view the video by click here.
Extend the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Solution
Businesses need solutions that reflect the way people really work - the tasks they perform, the information they use, the tools and formats that make sense for their individual jobs and that help them work more productively. The guiding principles behind Microsoft Dynamics GP solution are designed to meet those needs. They are a foundation for a solution that offers a personalized user experience, and deep interoperability with the applications people use every day. Microsoft Dynamics GP can fuel business impact for everyone in your organization, driving personal productivity, collaboration and enhanced information to extend the reach of your solution to more users. 

Contact us today to learn more about employees who do not require full access to the system but may need to interact with key business processes or information are now able to leverage a number of licensing options to use the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.  Register Here for our upcoming webcast on Light Users.
The companies of IDT (Integrated Document Technologies, Inc.) support small, mid-market and enterprise firms in achieving maximum efficiency by offering fully integrated ECM, ERP and CRM solutions.

Founded in 1992, IDT's initial focus was helping companies effectively apply automated enterprise content management solutions to eliminate paper and better manage every business transaction. With the inception of IDT Consulting in 2001, the company offers ERP and CRM solutions and in-depth knowledge of how financial systems work and how to streamline the accounting process. Today, IDT Consulting is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint.  Visit our website at www.idtconsulting.com.