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Unplugged is Unacceptable for Many CFOs
Clouds Not in the Forecast for Some CFOs
ERP: A Potent Weapon to Fight Recession
Hello Muddah Hello Faddah
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Integration Insider July 2010

Ah, July! For many of us, it's time to take a much-deserved break, reconnect with family, and let our overworked brains bliss out on sunsets and umbrella drinks. This year, it looks like the economy is (slowly) coming back to life and executives can enjoy a summer vacation without worrying that business will go off a cliff. That's why I found one article in this month's newsletter so interesting. A recent survey shows that the majority of senior finance execs check in with the office several times a week, and one-third check in at least once a day! Is this good news or bad news? On the one hand, it means there are enough deals happening that CFOs find it necessary to stay involved. On the other, it could signal that we finance types are obsessed with work, and simply can't unplug! I prefer to take it as a good sign. If you have so much going on that phoning in every day is important, good for you. Meanwhile, pass the margaritas and hand me my cell phone!

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Paul Szemplinski
Unplugged is Unacceptable for Many CFOs
When is a vacation not really a vacation? When you're a CFO, that's when. A recent survey of 1,400 CFOs revealed the not-so-shocking truth: senior finance executives never really unplug from the office, even on vacation. Why has checking in with the office during time off become so commonplace? Has the instant access of today's technology forever ruined a day at the beach for CFOs? Click here to read the full survey results, and see how you measure up to the new breed of workaholics. (P.S. If you are reading this on vacation, you may be a workaholic!)
Clouds Not in the Forecast for Some CFOs
Your mother always warned you about following the crowd: "If all your friends jump off a cliff, make sure you don't jump too" or words to that effect.  It seems some CFO's are remembering Mom's advice and resisting the siren song of the cloud, or SaaS (Software as a Service). But why? Click here to find out the top five reasons some small and mid-sized firms are not following the herd to cloud computing.
ERP: A Potent Weapon to Fight Recession
In these tough economic times, companies are scrutinizing every single aspect of operations to unearth new ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. But cuts alone won't cut it if you want to survive and thrive. It seems counter-intuitive, but investing in automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) could in fact help you achieve the efficiency and agility that enables you to ride out the recession - and be ready to hit the ground running when the economy rebounds. Click here to read a compelling rationale for investing now, including 30 specific ways Microsoft Dynamics will impact efficiency, productivity, compliance, and more.
Hello Muddah Hello Faddah: A Letter from Camp ERP
Allan King had a huge hit with his hilarious song about summer camp back in 1963. He hated everything about Camp Granada, at least until the sun came out. Your employees may react the same way when you ask them to attend an ERP Requirements Workshop! You need their full cooperation to make sure the new ERP software package you select gets the job done. To ensure you face a room full of happy campers, click here for the Six Secrets to Successful ERP Requirements Camp.

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