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Three Users for a Buck
Load the Pipeline Marketing
No Man's Land
3 Users for $1
Microsoft has a special promotion targeting businesses who want to take advantage of the rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Purchase up to 3 users for $1.

Interested, ask me how.  This incredible offer won't last long.

Microsoft Dynamics
Fun Fact
By the year 2012 there will be approximately 17 billion devices connected to the Internet.
 Video:  General Overview
This video will provide a navigation overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online via the Outlook client and Internet Explorer Web Browser.

Click here to watch.

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Most Global Profits Come from Turbulent Industries
Two thirds.  That is how much of the global profit pool is in turbulent industries like media, telecom, auto, airlines, and financial services.  All of these industries are undergoing fundamental changes to their core business model.  Source: Profit from the Core.
Weakening Firms Focus on Cuts, Not New Products
Weakened companies appear to be focusing more on cutting operating cost.  The good news is that most executives see a brighter year ahead: 74% of the respondents say they expect their companies' profits to rise over the next 12 months, up from 46% in December 2009. Source: McKinsey Global Survey Results.
Integration Insider April 2010
We are excited to be attending Convergence in Atlanta on April 24 - 27th.  Convergence is big and even bigger this year.  The Convergence Expo is sold out!  It is the once a year event were we all come together to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics.  If you are not going to convergence this year, we will have plenty of news and information to share with you next month.  If you are interested in seeing what the sessions are for this year you can view them here
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Paul Szemplinski
ERP Software Spotlight: Microsoft Dynamics vs. Other Enterprise Solutions
Panorama Consulting recently did an ERP Study surviving over 1,400 companies that recently implemented a new ERP system.  See how Microsoft Dynamics compared to SAP, Oracle and other Tier 2 systems.  Some of the highlights:
       Lowest Cost - predictable and consistent
       Employee satisfaction was the highest

You can view the video here.
Three Users for a Buck
Microsoft is excited to announce "Three Users for a Buck" - a Microsoft Dynamics (U.S.) promotion targeting growing and medium-sized businesses that wish to take advantage of the rich functionality, low cost of ownership, and rapid deployability offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

The promotion allows customers to purchase their first three Advanced Management (AM) or Business Essential (BE) user licenses for $1 (US).  This offer applies to new customers making their initial purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP.    The offer is effective Monday, March 15, 2010, and available until end of business day Friday, July 1, 2010, all new customers may be eligible to take advantage of this special offer. 

For more information please contact Paul.

Load the Pipeline Marketing
Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just for managing your customers and sales efforts?  Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers marketing management and automation so you can market more effectively, improve productivity, and gain actionable insight into your marketing campaigns.
When sales numbers are below targets, the sales team is pointing fingers at marketing because they aren't bringing in enough leads and marketing is saying it is the sales department fault because they don't know how to follow-up on a lead. Does this sound familiar?
Ultimately both sales and marketing need to have access to a unified set of business data and then use that "single version of truth" as the basis for both business planning and subsequent sales and marketing activities.  Click here to see a demo of how you can manage a marketing campaign using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Want to learn more? 

Contact Paul today.
Doug Tatum's - No Man's Land
No Man's LandWhat to Do When Your Company Is TOO BIG to Be Small but TOO SMALL to Be Big
Many small businesses experience an awkward stage of corporate growth.  A transitional time, when the company is too big to be small and too small to be big.  Every company enters this territory but not every company comes out of it. 
This book describes the 4 M's of Growth:
1.   Understand your Model
2.   Realign with your Market
3.   Hire your Senior Management
4.   Raise your Money
This is a great book for entrepreneurs who are in that transition period.  They need to step away from the day-to-day operations and honestly evaluate yourself and your company in light of the "4 M's".  This could help transition your company through No Man's Land.
The companies of IDT (Integrated Document Technologies, Inc.) support small, mid-market and enterprise firms in achieving maximum efficiency by offering fully integrated ECM, ERP and CRM solutions.

Founded in 1992, IDT's initial focus was helping companies effectively apply automated enterprise content management solutions to eliminate paper and better manage every business transaction. With the inception of IDT Consulting in 2001, the company offers ERP and CRM solutions and in-depth knowledge of how financial systems work and how to streamline the accounting process. Today, IDT Consulting is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint.  Visit our website at www.idtconsulting.com.