August 2012
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ACPE Presidential Election

By Robin Brown-Haithco, ACPE President



David Johnson The election results are in!  Thank you so much for taking the time to vote.  You have elected David Johnson to be your President-Elect.  Congratulations to David!!!  I look forward to working with him.  


When I phoned David to give him the news, he responded with these words, "I am honored to be selected and I look forward to working with the organization on this level.  I am very proud of ACPE and what it has meant to me."


David will serve as President-Elect in 2013 and assume his role as President in 2014.  Please offer him your congratulations. David's email is David.Clark.Johnson@carolinashealthcare.org

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ACPE Presidential Election
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Hearing DISability, Seeing disABILITY
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Requests for Funding for Innovative CPE Projects

Requests for funding for innovative CPE projects may now be submitted for consideration by the ACPE Program Award Committee.  Proposals are to be sent via email to John Roch by September 1, 2012 in a PDF format.  At its Fall 2012 meeting, the Board will award funding based upon recommendation by the Committee.

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2013 Annual Conference Update

By Robin Brown-Haithco, ACPE President


I am well into my eighth month as President of ACPE and I have to say it has been more than I expected or even imagined.  I continue to be grateful for this opportunity that has been given to me and I look forward to working collaboratively with each of you.


In these past eight months, we have engaged together several important issues, the most recent being the conflict between the 2013 Annual Conference dates and the Jewish Holy Day, Shavuot.  The NCC leadership, National Office Staff, and I have been working diligently to address the concerns raised by several of you over the past few weeks.  Thanks for your letters of concern and for your willingness to express your feelings and offer your suggestions for resolution.


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A Message from the FCPE Board President 

FCPE Logo without Flame 

I am sometimes asked why ACPE established FCPE. The establishment of the Foundation grew directly out of the dedicated giving by ACPE members where by ACPE accumulated a fund of over $800,000. The formation of the FCPE placed that fund and its management in an organization structure that both protects this asset from any law suit filed against ACPE and keeps monies available to ACPE and ACPE alone. This fund continues to grow. Five ACPE regions have also chosen to have their funds managed through FCPE, and FCPE manages two named funds insuring all monies are protected. The total funds under management are $1.55 million.


The ACPE also saw the value of being able to raise funds through its Foundation. The ACPE Board, and that board alone, determines priorities for fundraising, including capital fundraising. In its first 5 years, FCPE has been successful in raising nearly $1.3 million in capital funds and $609,000 in annual fund contributions. This is a strong accomplishment for such a young Foundation.


We all have in common a love of Clinical Pastoral Education. CPE has been a centerpiece of our calling in ministry - to pastorally educate a new generation of clergy, chaplains and supervisors. Through this ministry, each of us has affected many more individuals than the number of students we have trained. ACPE is worthy of your support, not only through member dues but also through giving to FCPE which supports ACPE's future.


Greg Stoddard Signature  

Gregory A. Stoddard, D.Min

FCPE Board President


The Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education (FCPE) is ACPE's fundraising entity, responsible for development of resources, management of the endowment and safeguarding of ACPE assets.  FCPE exists to support the work of ACPE.

Hearing DISability, Seeing disABILITY

By Joshua Melvin


Seeing disABILITY
Left to right:  Paul J. Langevin, Joshua Melvin, Susan Landau, Douglas S. Dill, Linda M. Requilez, Paul Goodenough, Edith Finsaadal, Jessica L. Hawkinson, Jeff Kline, Ryan Starks
What crosses your mind when you see someone with a disability?  What do you think and feel? My name is Joshua Melvin and I have been living and struggling with a disability all my life.  I was diagnosed at birth with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, which has affected my ability to walk.  It has tested my determination and faith to keep fighting.  I believe that it was my faith in God that kept me going.


During the summer of 2012, I have had the privilege of taking my first unit of CPE as a chaplain intern at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  I have had to overcome pity, fear, and sympathy, as well as the idea and stigma of being a person with a physical disability.  A high point in our CPE curriculum, however, was the opportunity for my peers, supervisor, and I to attend the first day of the Third Summer Institute on Theology and Disability.
Academy for Continuing Education 

Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator


The ACPE Academy for Continuing Education is organized to meet the following educational needs of the ACPE membership:

  • The Leadership Forum - for ACPE leadership, board, commission, committee members
  • The Center for Management Studies - for pastoral leaders and ACPE Supervisors serving as department heads, program managers, senior staff
  • The Center for the Teaching and Supervisory Arts - for Supervisory Education Students, ACPE Supervisors, Field Educators, Pastors, and Pastoral Theologians


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