August 2012
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Tending to Our Own Accreditation:  Outcomes of USDE Reaccreditation Assessment of ACPE, Inc.

Karrie OertliBy Karrie A. Oertli, Chair 

ACPE Accreditation Commission


Recently, ACPE, Inc. had its own accreditation review by the U.S. Department of Education.  As you know, our USDE accreditation affords us many benefits, including acceptance of international students and the measurement of our organization against specific standards.  The Accreditation Commission has until next August to bring ACPE, Inc. into 100% compliance with USDE Standards.  If this threshold is not met, ACPE risks adverse action.  ACPE, Inc. has several areas of improvement for our work because of this helpful review.  This article will describe the changes that the Accreditation Commission has made and that the Board has ratified.  These changes go into effect immediately.  Please download the revised Accreditation Commission Policy & Procedure Manual, the National Site Team Chair Training Manual, and the Governance Manual, as these have been changed to reflect the necessary revisions.  Throughout this document, changes in existing policies have been identified in bold, italicized, underlined type.




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