August 2012
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Governance Update

Let me begin by thanking the Board and the Governance Committee for its work and for taking seriously the concerns raised by you and ACPE's lawyer regarding the governance proposal presented at the annual member meeting in Arlington, VA in February.  After much deliberation and discussion, the Board at its August 1 conference call moved the following:  maintain the current board structure and reduce the number of regional representatives to one person from each region; board members will be elected for 3 year terms, two terms maximum.  Classes will continue to be staggered to ensure continuity of experience and knowledge. It is being recommended that Board members meet specified requirements and competencies in order to serve on the Board and that a study group or external consultant work with RANC to create a process that ensures inclusion and diversity of Board members.  Proposed implementation dates:  Fall 2013 or January 1, 2014.


The Board believes that this recommendation maintains regional representation, ensures that the voices of our special interests groups (our at-large members) continues to be heard, and also meets a need in our association to streamline the Board for greater efficiency, greater productivity, and greater fiscal responsibility.


The above recommendation has been shared with the Regional Directors and each has committed to setting aside ample time at the Fall Regional meetings for discussion. We invite you to share your honest feedback. Your Regional Representatives will bring your feedback, critique and questions to the Fall Board meeting in November.


Thank you for sharing your feedback, concerns and questions with us throughout this process.  The Board has a commitment to continue the process of researching and exploring governance models that will help grow and market our association.  We know that many of you may have knowledge and expertise in the area of organizational management and governance and we invite you to share that knowledge with us through your Regional Representatives.


Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to work to keep this association relevant and viable for this present time and for the future that beckons and calls us to transformation.


Blessings and Peace,


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Robin Brown-Haithco

ACPE President



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