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ACPE Presidential Election
Tim Thorstenson
Tim Thorstenson
David Johnson
David C. Johnson

In the last few issues of the ACPE e-News  the presidential candidates have been answering questions submitted by you.  Below are the questions selected this month.






"ACPE and APC have different demographics and cultures.  How would you bring these two different populations together at least in awareness and openness to the other's "culture"?"

Louise C. Gregg, ACPE Supervisor, Baltimore, MD 


David Johnson's Response

Tim Thorstenson's Response



"I want to know if and how the presidential candidates would build more connections with international organizations that want to offer or are interested in CPE training. There are international movements in Holland and Germany that have existed for many years, but there is no/not much connection.  There are institutions in Jamaica and other countries who would be interested in partnerships of having US CPE supervisors offer CPE training there, or have natives trained to become SES/CPE supervisors.  Do the candidates have such broad international vision?"

Dorothea Lotze-Kola, Th.M., ACPE Supervisor, Director of CPE,

The Institute for Chaplaincy and CPE, CCCG, Decatur, GA


David Johnson's Response




Thank you for participating in our monthly chats with the presidential candidates!  

We hope you have enjoyed the series and learned about your options in the upcoming election.  Please send your feedback regarding the 2012 election to John Roch.


Polling will take place next month via email for eligible members.

August 7th - Ballots emailed to eligible voters

August 21st - Last day to vote

August 23rd - Election results announced in August newsletter

Jewish Supervisors Network's Response

We received your notice about the 2013 ACPE National Conference being held over Shavuot.


We do not doubt your sincere regret.  However, this is hardly the first time ACPE meetings have been scheduled on our Holy Days - regret under these circumstances is not enough. We must have action to assure that this does not happen again.


Click to read the entire response

Racial, Ethnic, Multicultural (REM) Network

Dear REM Attendees and Network Partners:


I, along with our newly elected executive team of officers, am still overwhelmed with the support and encouragement offered us in the midst of these simultaneous transitions of REM's leadership and that of our parent organization, ACPE.  I want to again personally pledge to you my focused energy and earnest commitment to the business of REM and its future as an ACPE Network and a professional collaboration for race, ethnicity and culture as it relates to what we do.


Click here to read entire letter

A Message from the FCPE Board President 

FCPE Logo without Flame 

Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work 2012 Annual ACPE/FCPE Campaign is well underway thanks to the hard work and dedication of Miriam Needham.  We are most grateful to Miriam for her leadership of this effort to raise $125,000.


The annual campaign traditionally resources FCPE's operating budget and supports grants for pioneering CPE programs.  This year, 20% of the raised amount will be used for this purpose.


To date, we have received 65 gifts and pledges totaling $27,279.


Please feel free to contact Len Al Haas at lenal@acpe.edu or 678-636-6225 with questions or comments about the FCPE.

Greg Stoddard Signature  

Gregory A. Stoddard, D.Min

FCPE Board President


The Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education (FCPE) is ACPE's fundraising entity, responsible for development of resources, management of the endowment and safeguarding of ACPE assets.  FCPE exists to support the work of ACPE.

Requests for Funding for Innovative CPE Projects
Requests for funding for innovative CPE projects may now be submitted for consideration by the ACPE Program Award Committee.  Proposals are to be sent via email to John Roch by September 1, 2012 in a PDF format.  At its Fall 2012 meeting, the Board will award funding based upon recommendation by the Committee.

Click here for submission instructions
Academy for Continuing Education 

Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator


The ACPE Academy for Continuing Education is organized to meet the following educational needs of the ACPE membership:

  • The Leadership Forum - for ACPE leadership, board, commission, committee members
  • The Center for Management Studies - for pastoral leaders and ACPE Supervisors serving as department heads, program managers, senior staff
  • The Center for the Teaching and Supervisory Arts - for Supervisory Education Students, ACPE Supervisors, Field Educators, Pastors, and Pastoral Theologians


Visit the website to see 2012's schedule and start registering

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