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Each of our keynote speakers will be addressing our past, present and future, as we explore our theme Celebrating our Past, Embracing the Present, and Proclaiming the Future.


           *Dr. Emmanuel Larty - Celebrating our Past

           *Dr. Nancy Ramsay - Embracing the Present

           *Special Guest (invited) - Proclaiming the Future

                  A special guest from the U.S. Surgeon's General Office has

                  been invited.


Visit the ACPE website for full details and to register.

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Core Curriculum for Supervisory Education
Continuing Education with NCPE
ACPE Academy for Continuing Education
Survey of Membership
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 Core Curriculum for Supervisory Education
By Tim Thorstenson, Chair, Task Group on Supervisory Education and Certification


The Core Curriculum for Supervisory Education is now available as a Wiki document on the ACPE Members Only section of the website. The intent is for the curriculum to be an organic and evolving document, stimulating and advancing supervisory education. As you discover new and valuable resources, please add them. And please offer your comments, ideas, and new learning. The core curriculum is not intended to be prescriptive, but to focus our supervisory education around both timeless and emerging resources to inform the development and continuing education of our supervisors.


Click here for instructions of accessing and editing the core curriculum.


Don't forget to regularly check the Certification Commission page on the ACPE website for all the info you need regarding the certification process.

Continuing Education with Norwegian CPE

By Edith Finsaadal

Edith FinsaadalAttending a NCPE continuing education event was a treat in my trip to Norway this last August. CPE supervisors, supervisory education students, and the Chair of the CPE Program Committee at the Norwegian School of Theology spent three days together at two wooden cabins in a coastal area of Sweden close to Oslo. The cabins were owned by a hospital and CPE center in Oslo, and were used for employee weekend trips and various recreation and continuing education events. The theme for the event was the use of theory in CPE supervision. 

ACPE Academy for Continuing Education

Don't forget to register for the upcoming webinars with the ACPE Academy for Continuing Education. Register in the Members Only section or follow this link to the registration form and objectives.


The Practice of Supervision - Fall

   o   Nov 17 - Working w/ Theological Reflection in CPE: Advances in Theory & Practice - $49

      Teresa Snorton, ACPE Inc., Decatur, GA

Report on the Survey of Membership 2010 

By Ted Hodge, former Chair of RANC


In 2010 RANC did a survey of our membership to look at some of the diversity represented in our organization. The results were presented to the Board. A more recent request asked that we share results in an article for the membership.


The total number of people taking the survey was 387. Everyone could choose not to disclose on any of the questions so the numbers may not always add up to the total. Of those taking the survey the results from the region were as follows.


Click here to read Ted's full report


Click here to view the survey results

In the News

Earl Johnson headshotACPE Clinical Member and Disaster Relief Chaplain, Rev. Earl E. Johnson is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He recently posted a blog about CPE. Please read Earl's articles and send him your comments.

Call for Chapters

The editors of Chronic Illness and Spirituality: Diverse Disciplinary, Religious, and Cultural Perspectives invite contributions for an interreligious, multicultural, and interdisciplinary collection of chapters that critically examines how the spiritual traditions of the world represent and respond to chronic illness. Deadline for abstract submissions: January 30, 2012.


Click here for more information

Other Educational Opportunities

Religion & Spirituality as a Barrier and a Bridge in the Halls of Medicine


Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics


Spiritual Care & Health: Improving Outcomes & Enhancing Wellbeing, International Conference


HealthCare Chaplaincy Webinars


Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) Webinars