February 2011
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Notice of 2011 Proposed Bylaws Changes

The Annual Member Meeting of the ACPE, Inc. will be held Friday, April 8, 2011 at 11: 00 am at the Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel, Utah.  Lunch will be provided for those who reserve a lunch on the ACPE Annual Conference Registration Form.


In addition to the usual reports, the following BY-LAWS changes will be voted on:



1.       The recommendation to suspend Article 5, Section 5.01 of the By-laws to reduce the number of representatives to the board per region- as previously published in the January ACPE E-News has been withdrawn.


2.       The Board recommends that Article 5, Section 5.01 of the By-laws be amended to provide that the President of the Foundation for CPE be an ex officio member of the ACPE Board of Representatives, with voice and vote.  This creates parity with the Presidents of ACPE and FCPE on the other respective boards.


3.       The Board recommends a change in the means of preparing annual budgets as presented by the Finance Committee.  The recommendation is that the membership vote on the fees for the budget at the annual meeting and the proposed annual budget, but that the Board of Reps have responsibility for approving and adjusting the final annual budgets at the Fall meeting.


4.       The Board of Representatives recommends that Article 6 of the By-laws be amended to delete the "Development Committee" and that the duties of that committee be under the auspices of the Foundation for CPE. (Board motion #38, Fall 2010)



Click here for more detail and rational for the proposed changes.

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Understanding & Responding to the Mediation Agreement between ACPE and CPSP

A formal mediation occurred between ACPE and CPSP on November 30, 2010.  The meeting was facilitated by the Honorable Diane M. Welch (Ret.) from JAMS, the resolution experts.  The signed mediation statement is accessible on the ACPE website.  Representing the ACPE were Teresa Snorton, Executive Director; Sally Schwab, President and Tim Thorstenson, ACPE Board of Representatives.  Representing the CPSP were Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary; James Gebhart, Past President and George Hankins Hull, Associate General Secretary.


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Racial Ethnic Multicultural (REM) 2011 Conference


Call for REM Reflections and Photos

The 24th Annual Racial Ethnic Multicultural (REM) Invitational Conference was held February 2-4, 2011 in Richmond, Virginia.  Please send any reflections and photos that we could publish in the ACPE e-News or post on the REM webpage and REM facebook page to John Roch.

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Members can register in the Members Only section of the website.  Or complete a registration form and send it to the ACPE National Office at 1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103, Decatur GA 30033 or fax to 404/320-0849.


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Update for Nursing & Allied Health Education Passthrough, Medicare, PART "B"

By Lerrill White


I receive inquiries weekly from Hospital Administrators, ACPE Supervisors, and Hospital Finance Specialists seeking information and assistance with the intricacies of Nursing & Allied Health Education Passthrough, Medicare, Part B.  I am also periodically apprised of novel strategies undertaken by Medicare Intermediaries from around the country that are intended either to exploit what they believe to be loopholes in the rules, or to intimidate hospitals by an inappropriate use of authority.  I will be glad to assist in identifying and helping to shape responses in these cases.


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