December 2010
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Greg StoddardBy Greg Stoddard

Foundation for CPE President-Elect


For the past five years, I have been privileged to serve the ACPE as one of the Eastern Region's representatives to the ACPE Board of Representatives.  This year the ACPE Board of Representatives elected Harry Simmons and me to serve as ACPE Board representatives to the Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education's Board.  At the FCPE Board's November meeting I agreed to serve as the Board's President for 2011.  I am humbled by this opportunity to serve ACPE and FCPE at this important time it our organizational lives.  I am and will remain committed to improving and maintaining open lines of communication to ACPE, its membership and Board.  FCPE's sole purpose is to manage ACPE's funds, protect its assets, and raise funds on its behalf for those projects ACPE identifies as priorities.  Click here to read the entire letter. 



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1549 Clairmont Rd

Suite 205

Decatur, GA  30033

Tel: (678) 636-6220

Email: info@foundationforcpe.org

Website:  www.foundationforcpe.org 

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Racial Ethnic Multicultural (REM) 2011 Conference

REM 2011 Conference

Registration for the Racial Ethnic Multicultural Network (REM) Conference

is now open!


ACPE Members can register for the conference in the Members Only section of the ACPE website.  Non-Members can register using the registration form.


Check out all the exciting events and learning opportunities REM planned for you!

ACPE Board of Representatives

The ACPE Board of Representatives met for its Fall meeting at the Sheraton-Gateway Hotel in Atlanta.  The Board's meeting time was a day shorter than meetings in prior years, as the board sought ways to reduce expenses during the current fiscal year.  (The Accreditation and Certification Commissions met as scheduled, with reduced schedules where possible.  The Professional Ethics Commission and the Standards Committee did not have a face-to-face meeting this fall, in an effort to reduce expenses.)


Click here for some of the highlights from the Board meeting.

2011 ACPE Annual Conference

2011 Annual Conference LogoThe 2011 Annual Conference flyer will soon be in your mailbox!  To further entice your consideration of attending, we on the publicity committee asked Duane Parker to write a short reflection on Rachael Remen's book, as he read it after learning that she would be one of our keynote speakers.  We agree with Duane!


More info coming soon on the ACPE website!

Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling

The Journal of Pastoral  Care & Counseling just released the latest issue. 


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A Word from our New Accredited ACPE Center -
Denver Seminary!

By Dr. Randy MacFarland, Provost and Dean, Denver Seminary, Littleton, CO


Over 25 years ago, I had the opportunity to complete two units of CPE at Interfaith Health Care Ministries in Providence, RI.  Both units were extended units and completed as part of the requirements for the D.Min. in Psychology and Clinical Studies at Andover Newton.  My clinical practice included both hours in my own parish setting, as well as hours at Rhode Island Hospital.  These experiences (and the supervisors who facilitated them) deeply impacted my growth in self-awareness and competence as a care giver.


Click here to read the entire letter.

ACPE Academy for Continuing Education
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