October 29, 2010
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Announcement from the Spiritual Care Collaborative

SCC Statement regarding the Association of Professional Chaplains decision to withdraw from formal participation in the Spiritual Care Collaborative effective October 31, 2010.


         The Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) board of directors at its fall 2010 meeting passed a motion that the APC withdraw its formal participation in the Spiritual Care Collaborative (SCC) effective October 31, 2010.


         The SCC Steering Committee on its October 2010 conference call dialogued with APC leaders on their reasons. The APC emphasized that it's withdrawal from the SCC in no way indicates a desire to terminate relations with the other five groups, and remains open to collaboration to future projects that support the advancement of professional chaplaincy.


         The remaining members of the SCC (ACPE, NACC, NAJC, AAPC, and CAPPE), along with the APC, remain unified in their commitment to advance the professions they serve, committed to ongoing communication on issues that impact the professions, and open to working together on projects that assist the profession.


         The SCC Steering Committee remains committed to communication among its members, to advocate for the implementation and compliance with the Common Standards jointly agreed upon by the founding members of the SCC.


         The management of the SCC will be assumed by the NACC.


The ACPE's representatives on the SCC Steering Committee are President Sally Schwab, Past President William Scrivener, and Executive Director Teresa Snorton.


The current officers of the Spiritual Care Collaborative Steering Committee are President David Lichter (NACC), Vice President Cecille Asekoff (NAJC), Secretary TBD, Treasurer Teresa Snorton (ACPE).
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ACPE Leadership Meeting Convenes in Atlanta

November 3-7, 2010

The ACPE Board, Commissions and Committees will convene at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel next week in Atlanta.  The ACPE Board of Representatives will have a joint meeting with the FCPE Board on Thursday, November 4th.  The Professional Ethics Commission and the Standards Committee will not have a face-to-face meeting this fall in keeping with a commitment to reduce expenses. They continue to do effective work and attend to their responsibilities utilizing conference calls and other modes of communication to maintain quality attention to these aspects of our association's life.


The ACPE Accreditation Commission will be making decisions on 13 ten year reviews; 22 five year reviews; 8 satellite to member; 2 candidacy centers; 1 new supervisory program; 1 new component site; 6 new satellites; 8 withdrawals; 5 postponements; notation removal at 14 centers; self-reporting of standards violations in 15 centers; late unit reporting notation at 52 centers.  This is the biggest agenda ever.  Other issues are on the agenda for discussion and decision too.


The ACPE Certification Commission will see a record number of 32 candidates, including 8 for CPE Supervisor and 24 for Associate Supervisor status.


Please remember to pray for the persons who will be meeting Certification sub-committees and for all of our leadership as they do the business of the ACPE!