October 2010
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ACPE has a New President-Elect!

Dear Members of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education,


It is with enthusiasm that I announce to the membership of the ACPE that Robin Brown-Haithco is the President-Elect for the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.


This morning I spoke with Robin and informed her that the ACPE membership has elected her the 24th ACPE President!


In Robin's words, this is her response to the announcement.


Robin Brown-Haithco"Most people, who know me really well, know that there are very few times in my life when I am speechless.  Hearing the news from Sally that I am the President-Elect of ACPE was one of those times.  I feel both honored and excited to be serving the organization in this capacity.  I receive this honor with gratitude and humility and look forward to working together as we shape our future, celebrate our history, and live in the transitional space of our present.  I seek your prayers for wisdom and guidance as we journey together into the creative possibilities which lie ahead.  Thank you for your support and confidence!!"


Please celebrate the election with Robin and offer her your support and prayers during her tenure of leadership for the ACPE!  Robin's term as President-Elect for the ACPE begins January 1, 2011.  Robin will be installed President for the ACPE at the spring 2012 meeting in the Washington DC area.


Sally A. Schwab

ACPE President

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Associate Director's Report
ACPE in Mexico
Op Ed: What is a Clinical Member?
2011 Annual Conference
REM 2011 Conference
Online Student Unit Reporting
ACPE Academy for Continuing Education
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Associate Director's Report

Home Changes:  Part I

By Deryck Durston

ACPE Associate Director


Deryck DurstonEver since I left South Africa, my birthplace, thirty-four years ago, I have come to know a range of places as home.  I have been nurtured in my grief over the losses incurred as I have come to know others who have turned out to be able to recognize me, despite my difference from them.  I have also been consoled by a strong sense of place, and particularly places of the immigrant/refugee in this country, whatever each wave of new immigrants did or do to make neighborhoods their own, their home.  When I left South Africa, I was under pressure to leave, although I never meant to go forever.  For years after leaving I had the recurring dream of me running across the tarmac to climb the stairs of the airplane, only to be hampered by the opening of my suitcase and the loss of certain personal items like my shoes.  My soul needed to catch up with my original home, and so did my ministry, so I chose to spend my study leave at home.


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ACPE in Mexico

"ACPE Pilot Program CHRISTUS Muguerza"

CHRISTUS Alta Especialidad, Monterrey, Mexico


On October 1, 2010, the first ACPE Spanish unit began at CHRISTUS Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico.  This is a photograph of the first eight ACPE students in Mexico.  The program is the "ACPE Pilot Program CHRISTUS Muguerza" approved and supported by the ACPE New Generations Project.  The program is an educational placement from the ACPE accredited program of CHISTUS Spohn Hospital, Corpus Christi.  The program has been made possible through an ACPE program award grant and a generous grant from the CHRISTUS Health Education and Research Fund.


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ACPE in Mexico

(back row) Mario Sanchez Garza (local clergy), Jose Patricio Molina (agente de pastoral), Pablo Alberto Soriano (local clergy), Lydia Yeverino (agente de pastoral), Mario Alberto Ramos (local clergy), Patricia Lona (agente de pastoral)

(front row) Rocio Rehlander (agente de pastoral), Luis Rodriguez (supervisor), Maria Christina Trevino (agente de pastoral)

Op Ed: What is a Clinical Member?

What Is a Clinical Member of ACPE; Why Become One?

Chaplain Jan McCormack, MDiv, BCC

Director, Chaplaincy & Pastoral Counseling

Denver Seminary, Denver Colorado


My denomination required a unit of CPE for ordination and endorsement to be the Air Force chaplain I wanted to become. I reluctantly enrolled under duress.  Within weeks I was hooked on the CPE learning process and the ministry opportunities.  While I waited for an AF position, I completed two more units.  After I came on active duty as an AF chaplain, I completed my fourth unit of extended CPE.  I never intended to do hospital ministry full-time (back then CPE was mostly in the healthcare organizations), nor to become a CPE supervisor.  It would have been natural for me to "take the learning and run" with no thought to staying connected to the ACPE organization.  Yet I opted to join ACPE in 1981 and have renewed my membership every year since.  I have attended numerous annual and regional ACPE National Conferences and affiliated with whatever ACPE region I found myself in as the AF moved me around the country and world.  I served as the Clinical Representative to the South Central Region.


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2011 Annual Conference
Keynote Speakers

2011 Annual Conference LogoThe three keynote speakers who will be addressing the theme, Spiritual Care on the Threshold: Honoring our Ancestry, Creating our Future during of the 2011 Annual Meeting of the ACPE in Salt Lake City Utah are:  Rachael Noami Remen, Matthew Fox and KC Kyazen Sato Sensei.  These keynoters come from diverse and well known disciplines and will bring their own creativity, understandings and perspective from holistic medicine, adult education, and 21st Century thinking.


Click here to learn more about the speakers at the next annual conference!

Racial Ethnic Multicultural Network (REM) 2011 Conference

REM 2011 Conference


Registration for the Racial Ethnic Multicultural Network (REM) Conference

is now open!


ACPE Members can register for the conference in the Members Only section of the ACPE website.  Non-Members can register using the registration form.


Check out all the exciting events and learning opportunities REM planned for you!

Online Student Unit Reporting System

REMINDER:  All Student Units must be submitted electronically via the Members Only section of the ACPE website.  Units must be submitted within 45 days of the completion of the unit.


For complete instructions on reporting your student units, please save and print this document.
ACPE Academy for Continuing Education

Don't forget to register for the upcoming webinars with the ACPE Academy for Continuing Education. Register in the Members Only section or follow this link to the registration form.


 November 18, 2010  $49

"Expanding the Impact & Influence of CPE in the Context of Health Care Ministry"
Rev. Dr. Scott W. Hinrichs, Executive Vice President, Spiritual Care/Mission, HealthEast Care System, St. Paul, MN

December 16, 2010 $49

"Success as a Committee or Task Force Leader in the Institution, Association

and Community"

 Rev. Dr. Ted Trout-Landen, Director of Pastoral Care and Education, WellSpan Health, York, PA

Additional Learning Opportunities

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