March 2010
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A Letter from the ACPE President
Annual Conference 2010 logoDear ACPE Members,
I am very pleased to announce to you that a decision was made on March 17, 2010 to purchase property at 542 Church St. in Decatur, Georgia.  The purchase of this property begins a capital campaign to establish a new home for ACPE that will include an Academy for Continuing Education.
The closing for purchase of the property is April 9th.
At the 2010 Annual Member Luncheon and meeting, plans will be shared with the membership about the property and about how the capital campaign will unfold.  I hope that you are planning to attend the 2010 Annual Conference and participate in this conversation of great significance about our future as an Association.
I invite you as a member or friend of ACPE to participate in this 
exciting new venture by making a gift / pledge to the capital effort 
that begins now!
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Sally A. Schwab
President, ACPE
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Accreditation Commission
New in 2010:  Reporting of Student Units
New in the 2010 Standards is Standard 300.1:  "All ACPE centers shall maintain compliance with ACPE Standards, reports, procedures, and fees, as detailed in the ACPE Accreditation Manual."  This standard was added to ensure that centers attend to all requirements of reporting, which include not only those within the accreditation cycle (annual reports, five-year and ten-year reviews) but also in regard to reporting student units.
At its meetings in 2009, the Accreditation Commission was made aware that a good number of centers had not reported student units, some for many months after the end of units.  Not only does this non-reporting of student units impact our students negatively (they cannot get a transcript of their unit until the national office receives the reports), but it also impacts fees to national and regional offices.  Finally, this non-reporting impacts centers' good standings with their accreditation.
Timely Reporting Requirements
The Accreditation Commission has initiated a requirement that all Accredited Member Centers must submit student unit reports to ACPE within 45 days of the end of each unit.  Please remember that student unit reports must be filed electronically through the members-only section of the ACPE website.  Copies are forwarded automatically to the regional director.  If unit reports are not received within 45 days following the end of each unit of CPE (Level I/Level II) and Supervisory CPE, the Center will be given a notation for Standard 300.1 at the next Commission meeting.
The Commission understands that this is a new process, so it is allowing a time period in which centers can submit student unit reports without receiving a notation.  All centers reporting late student unit reports received before May 31, 2010 will not receive a notation for late reporting.  If you see that you are behind in this important task, please report outstanding units immediately.  If you need assistance in using the electronic reporting process, please contact the Karen McCray at the National Office.  As of June 1, 2010, the Accreditation Commission will begin assigning notations for late student unit reports.
Karrie Oertli, CPE Supervisor at Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, OK, serves as the Accreditation Chair.  She may be contacted at karrie.oertli@integrisok.com.
Representation & Nominations Committee (RANC)
After sending out the RANC survey it has been brought to my attention that the name "Survey Monkey" has offended some of our membership.  I assure you that this was in no way intentional.  Survey Monkey is the name of a well-known survey instrument online and was recommended to me by a number of people.  I hope that this lack of awareness on my part will not keep any of you from taking the few minutes to do the survey.  It is meant to help us as an organization gain a clearer picture of the diversity in our membership and our leadership with the goal of increasing those numbers.  So far we have 337 people who have taken the survey.  If you have not taken it yet, please help us with our goal below.
ACPE Membership, http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S6ZCXN6 
As chair of the Representation and Nomination Committee (RANC), I am requesting that you take the following survey.  It is simple, contains 22 questions and should take less than 5 minutes.  The survey is anonymous.  This will help us measure and meet the goals that the ACPE Board has set at its last meeting, Fall 2009.
Motion # 80:  Representation of Racial/Ethnic/Multicultural Heritage in ACPE Leadership
That the RANC of the national ACPE be instructed to increase the membership of persons of racial, ethnic, multicultural heritage (PREMH) in ACPE leadership at regional and national levels by the following instrumental plan:
                                        2011    10% (be PREMH)
                                        2012    20% (be PREMH)
                                        2013    25% (be PREMH)
Just Click on the following link:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S6ZCXN6
Thank you in advance,
Ted Hodge, Ph.D.
Director of Pastoral Care
4000 Kresge Way
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Voice: 502/897-8800 FAX: 502/897-8805
Email: thodge@bhsi.com
Professional Ethics Commission
Rev. Dr. Dan Mena, sanction for violation of ACPE standard 103.4, reversion to Supervisory Candidate status in ACPE, effective April 30, 2010.
2010 Annual Conference
Annual Conference 2010 logo
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ACPE Academy for Continuing Education's Website Launched!


 Please check out the new website for the ACPE Academy for Continuing Education
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