February 2010
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Representation & Nomination Committee Survey
As chair of the Representation and Nomination Committee (RANC), I am requesting that you take the following survey.  It is simple, contains 23 questions and should take less than 5 minutes.  This will help us measure and meet the goals that the ACPE Board has set at its last meeting, Fall 2009.  The survey is anonymous.
Motion # 80 - Representation of Racial/Ethnic/Multicultural Heritage in ACPE Leadership
That the RANC of the national ACPE be instructed to increase the membership of persons of racial, ethnic, multicultural heritage (PREMH) in ACPE leadership at regional and national levels by the following instrumental plan: 
                                       2011  10% (be PREMH)
                                       2012  20% (be PREMH)
                                       2013  25% (be PREMH)
Thank you!
Ted Hodge, RANC Chair
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Congratulations to Our Newly Certified Supervisors!
Fall 2009 Certification Meeting - Atlanta, Georgia
CPE Supervisors
Bill Hawkins
, Pacific Region
Laurie L. Hearn, East Central Region
Alfred Kambaki, Southeast Region
Harvey Rogers, III, Southeast Region
Duane F. Parker, Pacific Region
Associate Supervisors
Alan Abrams, Eastern Region
Mary Catherine Cole, Southeast Region
Aloysius Ezenwata, Pacific Region
John Geracci, Eastern Region
Kristin Langstraat, North Central Region
Victoria Johnson, East Central Region
Jackie K. Kelly, Pacific Region
Wayne B. McKenney, East Central Region
Eric M. Nefstead, Pacific Region
Beverly Jean Ross, Southeast Region
Cora Germaine Saunders, Southeast Region
Regional Reviews for CPE Supervisors
Landon Bogan, Pacific Region
A. Susan Cross, Mid-Atlantic Region
Michelle DeCoste, Northeast Region
Gerald Lindstrom Jones, Pacific Region
Julie Swaney, Re-instate to Active Status
Accreditation Commission
Please visit the ACPE website to view the latest actions by the Accreditation Commission.
ACPE Board votes to "Go Green"
At its fall meeting, the ACPE Board of Representatives voted to "go green" by encouraging the electronic transmission of meeting agenda, minutes, and other documents for ACPE meetings.  This initiative also included the decision not to print and distribute the 2010 ACPE Standards and Manuals.  They are all are available for reading or downloading on the ACPE website.  All ACPE Commissions and Committees are invited to join in this initiative.  The ACPE National Office will be looking at ways to "go green", which not only helps the environment, but saves on printing and mailing costs!
Rev. Earl Johnson named Senior Associate for Spiritual Care at the American Red Cross
Rev. Earl Johnson has joined the American Red Cross' Disaster Partner Services as the new Senior Associate for Spiritual Care.  Earl has served as the Coordinator of Spiritual Care activities in a volunteer role at the ARC for over seven years.  As a volunteer Earl developed a sizable and effective Spiritual Care Response Team, and has guided Spiritual Care response activities for numerous mass casualty events.  He has provided critical leadership to the development of the Critical Response Team program, and also serves on the National VOAD Emotion and Spiritual Care Committee.  Earl is a board certified chaplain and is a clinical member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.  The Spiritual Care position has been newly created to further enhance Red Cross involvement with communities of faith.  In addition to continuation of the Spiritual Care Response Team capabilities, this new position will also identify new opportunities to engage the broader faith-based community in all levels and types of disaster response.  Outreach efforts will be directed toward diverse communities and will be inclusive of all faiths.
Robin Brown-Haithco named one of 100 Emory University Community Builders!
Rev. Robin Brown-Haithco, immediate past Chair of the ACPE Professional Ethics Commission, has been named one of 100 Emory University Community Builders.  The community builders' program recognizes and celebrates those who exemplify Emory's commitment to access, equity and inclusion.  Rev. Brown-Haithco's photo and bio will be included on the initiative's annual poster.
A letter from Emory's Vice President Ozzie Harris stated "Through your work, teachings, research and/or learning we would like to recognize you for your continued commitment to pioneering new forms of community building and diversity within the Emory community.
Congratulations, Robin!
Princesses and Frogs, by Bill Carpenter
There is a new movie out titled The Princess and the Frog.  Of course it involves a princess kissing a frog.  This could be another story in a long line of tales that involve someone kissing a frog and they turn into something glorious and very different.  Frogs are almost the lowest of God's creatures.  They rank right down there with snakes, but most frogs are harmless.  As a boy I would catch them just to watch them hop.  My mother warned me they would give me warts.  They never did.  They were sent by the millions upon the Egyptians as a plague.  They are generally useless except for catching bugs and singing at night and maybe teaching anatomy to 9th graders.
In frog stories some one, usually royalty, becomes a frog when they get on the wrong side of a witch.  Only the kiss of someone of purity and noble blood can bring them back to their former selves.  If we stretch this archetype a bit, as we are allowed to do because if we are too rigid with them they fall apart, then as CPE Supervisors, RDs and leaders in this organization we often become frog kissers.  We have all had students who were frogs.  They were at the bottom in terms of their ability to function.  We all have said "I don't know why I took them into my program."  Probably they were crying out to be kissed.  I was frog when I entered CPE and I am thankful that my supervisor was a frog kisser.
I said earlier that The Princess and the Frog was not the traditional fairy tale, because it describes what really happens when we kiss frogs.  First the princess in the story is not royalty.  She is a hard working young woman from New Orleans who is trying to realize a dream.  The frog does not immediately change when the young woman kisses him.  Instead she becomes a frog and the two of them go on an exciting sometimes dangerous adventure.  When we kiss a frog we become like the frog.  We don't have magical power to change someone.  What happens is we join them in their struggle and sometimes we get more adventure than we bargained for.
One day an old fellow was out on the golf course and predictably he hit his ball into the rough.  He took out his pitching wedge and headed in the general direction of where his bad shot had landed.  As he was kicking and swinging through the grass, he heard someone say, "Hey mister, kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful woman and I will be yours forever."  The guy forgot about his ball and began to look for the voice.  Soon he saw it, a frog sitting in the rough.  The frog said again, "Come on, kiss me and I will become a beautiful woman and I will be yours forever."  The old guy thought a minute, then stooped down, and put the frog in his pocket and said, "I think I would rather have a talking frog."  Perhaps we are called to kiss frogs, but not every frog that comes along.
May we have the grace and wisdom to manage our need to help.
Bill Carpenter is the Southwest Regional Director.  This was his daily focusing thought at the 2010 Regional Director Consultation.

Art Schmidt

 2010 Regional Directors' Consultation: (from left to right) Stu Plummer (SC); Gary Sartain (NC); John Moody (P); Jim Travis (MA); Nancy Anderson (E); Patrick McCoy (NE); Deryck Durston, Associate Director; Bill Carpenter (SW); Teresa Snorton, Executive Director; Sally Schwab, President; Bill Scrivener, Past-President; Agnes Borne, FCPE; Jo Clare Wilson (E); Jap Keith (SE); Dennis Kenny (EC)