Requests for Spring 2010 Program Funding
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Requests for Spring 2010 Program Funding
Requests for funding for innovative CPE projects may now be submitted for consideration by the ACPE Program Award Committee.  Proposals are to be sent to the ACPE National Office postmarked March 30, 2010.  At its Spring 2010 meeting, the Board will award funding based upon recommendation by the Committee.
Criteria for Funding of Innovative CPE projects
Projects to be funded should have goals demonstrably consistent with the mission of ACPE:  The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. is a professional association committed to advancing experience-based theological education for seminarians, clergy and lay persons of diverse cultures, ethnic groups and faith traditions.  We establish standards, certify supervisors and accredit programs and centers in varied settings.  We promote the integration of personal history, faith tradition and the behavioral sciences in the practice of spiritual care.
  1. The maker of any proposal should include a careful statement of the relevance of the project to this mission and a plan to share the results of innovations, so that the membership of ACPE may learn from funded projects.  This plan should include a final report to the Program Award Committee prior to the following year's Board Meeting.
  2. Preference will be given to projects or new programs that extend the efforts of ACPE to develop innovative, experimental and prophetic programs extending CPE into new and atypical settings.  Projects and programs that test new pastoral theology, education or pastoral care concepts and methodologies will also be considered.  Projects that require exceptions from ACPE Standards must first be approved by the ACPE New Generations Project Committee.
  3. Programs are funded from through allocations to the ACPE by the FCPE from ACPE/FCPE Endowment Fund. This year, the ACPE has a total of $25,000 to allocate.
  4. Funding requests should be for  "seed money," not ongoing operating funds.  Funding is awarded for one year. Projects may apply for and potentially receive funds annually for no more than three consecutive years.
  5. Proposals should indicate the specific uses for which the funds are sought, how the funds are to be administratively managed, and whether partial funding would still be of benefit to the proposed project, if not funded at the request level.
  6. Funds will not be authorized for construction or durable hardware (such as computers).
  7. Funds  may be authorized contingent upon the realization of other aspects of the project proposal (such as effecting certain contractual or funding arrangements).   Projects which have secured matching funds will be preferred.
  8. Stipend/scholarship help may be granted for racial/ethnic minority persons, members or faith groups not generally represented in the Association, or internationals.  Scholarship requests should include a letter of support from the training supervisor.
Procedure for Application, Selection, and Evaluation

Four copies of the proposal shall be submitted to the ACPE national office according to the deadline ACPE staff will forward a copy to each member of the Program Award Committee, and retain one for the official record. 
Proposals (including any scanned addendum materials) submitted electronically are acceptable and require only one copy. All materials must be submitted at the same time and emailed to: acpe@acpe.edu.  
The Program Award Committee will review proposals and make recommendations to the Board for action.
The written proposal shall include:
  1. a clear statement of the project and its goals
  2. justification of the relevance of the proposal for ACPE
  3. comprehensive project budget and time line
  4. design of an evaluation component
  5. letter(s) of support which address the benefit of the proposal within the institution, region, etc.
  6. plan for sharing results with ACPE membership
  7. approval by the New Generations Committee, if applicable.
Funding approved by the ACPE Board at the fall meeting will be disbursed in the first quarter of the next year.  Funding approved by the ACPE Board at the spring meeting will be disbursed in the third quarter of the same year.  
Applications should be submitted (4 hard copies or 1 copy electronically) no later than March 30, 2010 to:
Program Award Committee
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103
Decatur, GA  30033
Proposals will not be returned to the applicant.
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