Sony 600 TVL IR Bullet Video Camera

The highest resolution camera we carry - 600 TVL (TV lines) with IR lighting that will see 120ft in the dark with the two large IR lights on this camera.   It's Tripod Mountable.  


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The Human body (in life) uses electrical impulses, so its probable that an entity or spirit may also use electrical impulses in some manner. The ECD - 102 is an electronic version of the electroscope. The ECD-102 can detect the invisible fields of voltage which surround all electrified objects. Assuming spirits carry an electric charge of some sort, this device - in theory would detect them. The way it works is simple. The ECD-102 responds to the movement of positive (+) and negative (-) electric charge. When the approach of an negative charge is sensed, the LED turns off.    AVAILABLE SHORTLY


Universal Trigger Prop Alarm  

The Catch a Ghost Universal Trigger Prop Alarm allows you to use your own props that you may already own. It is easy to clip antenna clips to your prop, making your prop a trigger device that detects paranormal frequency.   This prop operates on a 9v battery (not included). Red LED light for IR photography and audio alarm for EVP sessions. When trigger is tripped, both light and sound will activate alerting you to possible paranormal activity. Do not use around cell phones or devices that emit EMF sources, such as, walkie-talkies and routers, as these could give you a false indication.


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