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Trigger Props and energy field creators give us a great way to safely interact with a spirit.   I was on a case with another group once and one of the other group's investigators starting talking to a spirit we felt was in this old basement.   She said "Throw a stone at us if you can hear me".   Now thank God she couldn't see my face in the dark but I did add a clarifying remark as I stepped away from her and the others.   I said "Throw a stone at her, I don't want to know if you can hear me that badly!".    True story.    There are better and safer ways to get a spirit to physically manipulate items and also be able to document the interaction especially if it seems like it's an intelligent spirit answering questions.    Here are two new trigger props to help you do just that. - Dave Juliano 
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Yes/No Spirit  Communication
Trigger Prop
The device is marked in distinct red and green because these are universal language indicators of "yes" and "no." Green and red are marked in 
both English and Spanish and buttons are marked with Y and N to help identify the button you choose the spirit to use in case the spirits cannot see or identify color. 
Watch the video demonstration below
Video Demonstration
Video Demonstration

Our Price: $80

Universal Trigger
Prop Alarm
The Catch a Ghost Universal Trigger Prop Alarm allows you to use your own props that you may already own. It is easy to clip antenna clips to your prop, making your prop a trigger device that detects paranormal frequency.

Our Price: $70

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