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Here are the newest items we have at the store and they are more coming soon!   If you have suggestions of items you'd like us to carry or if you have a custom piece of equipment you'd like us to sell, send us an email.   We are always looking for new items.
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Sony Real Time EVP Recorder
Limited Supply!

This has been opened and modified to perform like the RT-EVP as seen on Ghost Adventures for much less!


The playback is under a second so you know quickly if you have recorded an EVP.  This real time technology makes it possible to know quickly that you got a response to a question you asked and then you can ask a follow up question.


Our Price $150    Find Out More 

by Digital Dowsing

Are you looking for ways to enchance your EVP sessions? Try the White Noise EM!
The WHITE NOISE EM by Digital Dowsing creates a multi-tone, complex white noise that sweeps. You won't hear the white noise; it's created as an EM field!!
Our Price $49.99    Find Out More 
The GhostHunter Store® Mug 
New Design!

A great gift for your favorite ghost hunter.  It's a large 10oz  ceramic mug with our official logo on it!
Our Price $10    Find Out More 
GHS Geophone
with sensitivity adjustment

Detects vibration like a seismograph detects tremors and earthquakes. The lights light up according to how much vibration is detected. You can use to for detecting movement or objects. Place it in an area to see if phantom footsteps or knocking also causing vibrations which would show they are really happening. You can also use to as a trigger prop and ask spirit to touch it and/or turn on the lights in responses to questions.
Our Price $82.00   Find Out More 
SB7 Ghost Box 
In Stock!!

The SB7 is a mini size Spirit Box the size of an MP3 player. Designed by Gary Galka of DAS, with Spiritual guidance and influence from Chris Fleming. The P-SB7 made its premier debut on Ghost Adventures "LIVE" show from the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.
Our Price $79.90      Find Out More
50mw Green Laser Grid 
now much brighter 

We now carry 50mw green laser grids instead of the 30mw others sell.   These are 6x stronger than what competitor's sell and we had NOT raised our price.

Price $28                 Find Out More 
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