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Tuesday, March 27 - Sunday, April 1 


Artist's Talk and Reception

Dexter - As Above, So Below

Curtis Wehrfritz

FLUIDRIVE: Modern Daguerreotypes


"The series of work, entitled 'Fluidrive' is focused on the use of ritual. I am interested in a lyric image that can be revisited by the viewer in the way one re-visits the feelings created in a song or prose. The daguerreotype is kind of a reliquary that you can hold in your hands and use like a prayer box. The fact that these "mirrors" last forever and have the ability to render subjects almost as a hologram puts us in a discussion with our own memories." -Curtis Wehrfritz



Artist's Talk and Reception: Friday, March 30, 6 - 8 pm


Student Seminar: Thursday, March 29, 11:00 am 



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Wednesday Movie Matinee

Wednesday Movie MatineeCITY OF LIGHTS: PARIS

The afternoon matinee series continues with films from Paris, the City of Lights. Early masterpieces, contemporary classics and more recent favorites bring the life and light of legendary Paris to the screen. Presented in conjunction with the museum exhibition: A Tale of Two Cities: Atget's Paris and Berenice Abbott's New York.


Wednesday, March 28

1:30 pm

On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song)

A playful, yet somber, musical comedy by one of the greatest living directors. Odile is looking for a new, bigger apartment. Her younger sister Camille has fallen in love with an estate agent who is responsible for Odile's apartment, and who has an elder employee.


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Dinner and a Movie


This interdisciplinary feature film series presents titles that explore the treatment of spiritual issues in cinema. Join series host, Daytona State College faculty member and documentary film specialist Eric Breitenbach for background information, discussion and audience Q & A.


Wednesday, March 28

7:30 pm

Wings of Desire

Directed by Wim Wenders and co-written by Peter Handke, this enchanting film about the joy of life is a truly original concept and screenplay. A lonely angel roams the streets of Berlin providing comfort to mortals in need. But when he is drawn into the life of a beautiful and troubled trapeze artist, he experiences love for the first time and does everything in his power to be seen, heard and felt by her.


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Nouvell Vage-French New Wave CinemaNOUVELLE VAGUE - FRENCH NEW WAVE

The origins and early history of both photography (Daguerre) and cinema
(Lumiere Bothers) are traceable back to Paris. The city has figured prominently in the history of both these arts and has exerted an especially deep influence on the development of contemporary cinema; both in form and content. The
French New Wave cinema movement of the early 1960's revolutionized film, film theory and the style of contemporary movies. Presented in conjunction with the A Tale of Two Cities exhibition.


Thursday, March 29

1:30 pm

Breathless (Ŕ Bout De Souffle)

Godard's first feature-length film. Breathless attracted attention with its lean, exciting and casual style, bold visuals, innovative editing, hand-held photography and its portrayal of the modern world. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg play two young lovers on the run from the law.

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Emerging directors present film festival and alternative titles ranging from searing drama to quirky romances and comedies in this new series of contemporary cinema from around the world. Presented in association with Film Movement, a global, non-profit independent film distributor.


Friday, March 30

1:30 pm

The Colors of the Mountain

A modern-day portrayal of daily life in a remote part of the mountainous Colombian countryside, set around the friendship between Manuel and Julián.

One day, while playing a game of football, they kick the ball into a minefield. Accompanied by Poca Luz, they do everything they can to recover their prized belonging, an essential part of their everyday lives and dreams.

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Continues through May 2, 2012


A TALE OF TWO CITIES: Eugene Atget's Paris and Berenice Abbott's New York

Continues through May 2, 2012


SURFLAND - Joni Sternbach

Continues through April 22, 2012


FLUIDRIVE: Modern Dageurreotypes - Curtis Wehrfritz

Continues through April 22, 2012


WONDERS: Images of Florida's Forests by Stuart Rome
LAST CHANCE! Continues through April 1, 2012 at the Lyonia Gallery in Deltona

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