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Exhibition film seasons and film festivals at the Southeast Museum of Photography are co-sponsored by the Center for Interdisciplinary Writing and Research at Daytona State College.

Fridays Contemporary Global at the SMP
All screenings occur in the Southeast Museum of Photography's Madorsky Theater (Daytona campus of Daytona State College). Movie admission by donation - No reserve theater seating. Sorry, no popcorn!
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Emerging directors present film festival and alternative titles ranging from searing drama to quirky romances and comedies in this new series of contemporary cinema from around the world. Presented in association with Film Movement, a global, non-profit independent film distributor.
Select Fridays at 1:30pm
January 27 - Helena From The Wedding
Dir. Joseph Infantolino (USA, 2010) 89 min.
One dark night in the life of Alex Javal, a man who is so distracted looking back that he doesn't see what is right in front of him. The film captures the feeling between the fading of youth and the beginning of the rest of life, and a look back before we move forward into the future.


February 3 - A Screaming Man
Dir. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (Chad/France/Belgium, 2010) Arabic with subtitles. 92 min. Rating R
Adam, a 60-something former swimming champion, is a pool attendant at a hotel in Chad. When the hotel gets taken over by new Chinese owners, he is forced to give up his job to his son, Abdel, leaving Adam humiliated and resentful. Meanwhile the country is in the throes of civil war. Rebel forces attack the government while the authorities demand the population to contribute to the "war effort," with money or volunteers old enough to fight. The District Chief constantly harasses Adam for his contribution. But Adam is penniless; he only has his son. In a moment of weakness, Adam makes a decision that he will forever regret.


February 10 - Bad Day to go Fishing

Dir. Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay/Spain, 2009) Spanish with subtitles. 110 min.

The former strongest man on earth and his crafty manager, Orsini, make a good living by traveling around small South American towns, organizing wrestling exhibitions in run-down theaters. Once this oddball pair disembarks at the village of Santa Maria, business really kicks off: the local newspaper sponsors the fight, and helping hands placard posters announcing an open call for a worthy adversary.

February 17 - How I Ended This Summer

Dir. Alexei Popogrebsky (Russia, 2010) Russian with Subtitles. 130 min.
On a desolate island in the Arctic Circle, two men work at a small meteorological station, taking readings from their radioactive surroundings. Sergei, a gruff professional in his fifties, takes his job very seriously.His new partner, bright eyed college grad Pavel, retreats to his MP3 player and video games to avoid Sergei's imposing presence.


March 2 - Karen Cries on the Bus

Dir. Gabriel Rojas Vera (Colombia, 2011) Spanish with subtitles. 98 min.

Karen needs a fresh start to find out who she is and who she could be, despite her husband's proclamation that she can do absolutely nothing. She walks out with no job, no friends, and hardly any money, but catches a break when she meets a hairdresser named Patricia at a cheap flophouse.

No Contemporary Global Cinema film on March 9 (see Brazil Week) or March 16 (Daytona State College Spring Break).


March 23 - Come Undone
Dir. Soldini (Italy, 2010) Italian with subtitles. 121 min.
Rating R
Anna has everything she thought she could ever need: a respectable career, a caring family, and a loving partner, Alessio. But when she meets Domenico, a handsome, married waiter, her neatly ordered world begins to fall apart.They quickly fall into a heated affair, based on secret meetings, stolen caresses, cell phone fights, and endless lies.


March 30 - The Colors of the Mountain
Dir. Carlos César Arbeláez (Colombia, 2010) Spanish with subtitles. 88 min.
A modern-day portrayal of daily life in a remote part of the mountainous Colombian countryside, set around the friendship between Manuel and Julián. One day, while playing a game of football, they kick the ball into a minefield. Accompanied by Poca Luz, they do everything they can to recover their prized belonging, an essential part of their everyday lives and dreams.

April 6 - Protektor

Dir. Marek Najbrt (Czech Rep, 2009) Czech with subtitles.

100 min.

Set in Prague at the outbreak of WWII, Protektor centers on the story of radio reporter Emil, who is married to Hana, a famous film star who is initially oblivious to the Nazi threat. Hana's Jewish heritage precipitates her fall from the height of her career to the bottom of the social ladder.

In order to protect her, Emil compromises himself, collaborating with the new Nazi-controlled state radio station. Conditions worsen as restrictions on Jews are systematically increased. The assassination of the Third Reich Deputy Protector and a chance encounter on a bicycle bring their malingering marriage to a crisis.

April 13 - Illegal

Dir. Masset-Depasse (Belgium/France, 2005) French and Russian with subtitles. 95 min.
Tania is a former teacher from Russia, living illegally in Belgium with her son, Ivan. One day she is stopped for a routine check by the police and is arrested. Separated from Ivan, who manages to escape, she is placed in an immigration detention center for women and children. While utterly refusing to face expulsion, Tania thus begins a fight to preserve her dignity, identity and humanity, as well as be reunited with her son.


April 20 - If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

Dir. Florin Serban (Romania, 2010) Romanian with subtitles.  94 min.
Silviu has only two weeks left before his release from a hostile juvenile detention center. But when his mother, who abandoned him long ago, returns to take his younger brother away - a brother Silviu raised like a son - those two weeks become an eternity. Faced with a slew of conflicting emotions and wild with desperation, Silviu is driven to a surprising act of defiance as he makes a last grasp for freedom.


April 27 - The Human Resources Manager

Dir. Riklis (Israel/Germany/France/Romania, 2010) Hebrew & English with subtitles. 103 min

The Human Resources Manager of Jerusalem's largest bakery is in trouble. He is separated from his wife, distanced from his daughter and stuck in a job he hates. When one of his employees, a foreign worker, is killed in a suicide bombing, the bakery is accused of indifference, and the HR Manager is sent to the victim's hometown in Romania to make amends. Far from home, on a mission to honor a woman he didn't even know but has somehow grown to admire, the HR Manager rediscovers his own humanity and his ability to truly care for human resources.


May 4 - Little Sparrows

Dir. Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen (Australia, 2010) 88 min.
In the middle of an Australian summer, we meet three sisters. Nina is widowed with two young children. Anna is an aspiring actress unhappily married to a filmmaker. Christine is a med student who has yet to
fully come to terms with her sexuality. When their mother Susan's breast cancer returns, the family is faced with the reality of their last Christmas together. As each daughter confronts personal change and growth, Susan guides them by revealing a secret of her own.




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