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 December 2011 Newsletter:  Sattvic Gemstones

Season's Greetings! 


We at Astrological Gem wish to say "thank you" to all of our dear clients, and celebrate this special time of the year, by offering exclusive discounts starting at 10% off our entire inventory of powerful Jyotish-quality gemstones.  This sale will last until December 31st. Please contact us directly for specific offers on individual gems.


We carry the most flawless and powerful Jyotish gemstones available. As I am prone to saying, "The results you receive from wearing a Jyotish gemstone are directly related to the purity of that gemstone." Each species is created slightly different by Mother Nature so the degree of flawlessness varies for each type of Jyotish gemstone, but experience has proven that the more flawless the stone, the better the results will be from wearing it.


Gemstones come in a huge range of quality. A one-carat red ruby can be bought for as little as a few dollars per carat if heavily flawed, or up to many thousands of dollars per carat if extremely flawless. The same holds true for all the primary Jyotish gemstones. Many offer lower quality, more heavily flawed gemstones because the price is attractive, however, experience has shown us that good results -- powerful results, the results you want -- cannot be achieved with these inferior gemstones. 


Astrological Gem offers the most effective Jyotish gemstones available anywhere. I call these special gems "Sattvic gemstones."  Sattva is Sanksrit for "purity."


I've been blessed to have the opportunity to dive very deeply into the gemstone world at the wholesale level throughout my 33-year career, especially during the last 11 years as the senior buyer and gemologist for TV shopping network Jewelry Television. JTV has become one of the largest sellers of gemstones in the world during this time, which has allowed me to travel to source countries where gems are mined, cut, and yes, enhanced. This experience has enabled me to avoid gems that have been exposed to the many forms of treatment available and to have access to the rarest, most flawless, truly effective Astrological Gems.


The Sattvic quality of gemstones is something that cannot be taught in gemology classes. It can't be seen with a microscope or any other gemological instrument. It is the essence of purity that underlies the color and clarity and shines through all of the accumulative values of the gem. I am amazed that this radiant quality of Sattva, which is so obvious to me, is not mentioned in any literature. But if a gem has these Sattvic qualities in abundance, then one will receive the optimal results from wearing that stone.


Most gems have no Sattva and some have just a small amount.  Very few have Sattva in abundance. These flawless and untreated gemstones are quite rare.  Fortunately, my experience as a professional buyer at the world level has given me unique access to the finest Jyotish gems that Mother Nature has to offer at the best possible prices. This collection is available to you on sale until the end of the year.


My dedicated, talented staff and I are here to serve you. Thank you all for allowing us to assist you in this field of our love, passion and expertise.


Best wishes, 

 Jay Boyle


Jay Boyle

Graduate Gemologist




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Ruby Buying1 

Jay Buying Rubies from Locals in Burma


Beautiful 1.46 carat Unheated Ruby 

Ruby Mine
Jay visiting Burma Gem Mine

Unheated Burma Blue Sapphire

Exceptionally Rare 5.22 carat Unheated Burma Sapphire 

Jay Buying Gems in Sri Lanka   


7.52 carat unheated yellow sapphire

A large 7.52 carat Unheated Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire 

Buying Colombia 

Jay Examining an Emerald in Bogota, Colombia


A rare, fine, 2.40ct Colombian Emerald

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