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In This Issue:
The Harmful Consequences of Bullying
Study Tip: Finding Help When You Need It
Coach of the Month: Amanda Styron
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Known as "The Parent Whisperer", Dr Mark L.Brenner is one of the most respected parenting experts and Marriage & Family Therapists in the field of early childhood development, adolescence and high-conflict family issues. His Parenting Without Therapy process is a four-step blueprint, based on a single axiom: If you change the parent's reaction, you change the child's behaviour. Dr Brenner is the author of many parenting books and continues to work closely with many public and private schools while also lecturing on a wide range of behavioral subjects. He maintains his private practice in Sherman Oaks, helping families to make stunning changes with his special brand of house calls. For more information call (818) 986 2500 or visit his website. 

Looking for a Student Community Service Opportunity?

Meet Rickey Smith, social entrepreneur and owner of the sustainable food business Urban Green. He's started a community education venture called the Urban Green Kids Row program, creating opportunities for kids from diverse backgrounds to participate in many activities related to food sustainability, from planting seeds  to learning about how organic food is grown and harvested. For more info on a terrific community service and volunteering opportunity for kids, email Rickey, visit the website at

or call (800) 200 3320. 

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In the wake of another school shooting in Ohio, the debate has recommenced over how to keep kids safe at school. While much of the attention is focused on the backgrounds of those individuals who commit these crimes, the broader question is often overlooked:


What environment currently exists in our schools that gives rise to these violent events?


Persistent bullying, social ostracizing and the resultant physical and emotional abuse that occurs is a problem that, left unattended, often has destructive consequences in our classrooms. This month we'll delve into these issues, how we arrived at our present state and what is being done to create solutions.


At Academic Success,  we believe that a student's mental and emotional wellbeing is one of the keys to achieving success in their academic lives and future careers.


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"As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency."

                                              - Caroline Kennedy

Education News

     The Harmful Consequences of Bullying

While the extreme, negative impact of bullying is often clearly felt by our special needs students, this penetrating article illuminates the many aspects of the bully-victim dynamic, giving the reader new insight into the problem's causes and possible solutions for all kids.


Successful Intervention Strategies 


Since implementing a school-based intervention program which lowered the incidence of school bullying in Norway by 50% in just two years, psychologist Dan Olweus has since brought his work to the United States. This fascinating piece presents some excellent ideas for creating profound change inside and outside of our classrooms. 


Mental Health Screening  


A study released last year shows that routine mental health screening in our schools is a highly effective way of identifying those adolescents who may be suffering mental illness. Such early detection can often be the difference for troubled kids and their impact on other students. 

          A Supportive Environment Is Key

A predominance of studies show that when students find their school environment to be supportive and caring, they are less likely to become involved in substance abuse, violence and other problem behaviors. This detailed overview of recent research demonstrates that the mental and physical wellbeing of our students is largely predicated on how well they can come together.


Prioritizing Mental Health   


Despite a lack of promised state funding, two of the largest districts in California are moving forward with a major expansion of school health centers. Currently, only 176 health centers exist for around 6 million students. This article offers some hope for mental health advocates working on behalf of our kids. 

Study Tips

  Finding Help When You Need It     


Developing effective, consistent study habits can be an enormous challenge for the most well-adjusted and happy students. For those unfortunate enough to be dealing with the stress and emotional trauma that can result from bullying and other peer-group pressures, it can be close to impossible. A knee-jerk response to this mental burden can often be to attempt to 'go it alone'. While self-sufficiency must be an element of any successful student's makeup, a lack of outside assistance in times of crisis can be hugely detrimental to a student's academic progress, to say nothing of their emotional wellbeing.

There are many different avenues a student can explore to get help. Reaching out to parents is an obvious first step but if parents are not present or don't feel they can provide adequate help, school counselors are an excellent option for kids, as is talking to the student's teacher, who may be able to change a harmful dynamic in the classroom or playground. Finding a local outlet of the Network of Care for Mental/Behavioral Health can be of huge assistance for struggling students as well.

While some stress can't be avoided, students who reach out at an early stage often avoid negative academic and personal consequences down the road.  

Coach Profile

  Meet Amanda Styron, 
 Coach Profile of the Month
The focus of this month's Coach Profile, Amanda Styron grew up in a small Southern town and, having obtained her Bachelor's degree in English from Florida State University, decided to head for the vibrant pastures of Los Angeles. After spending some time putting her writing and analytic skills to work in the film industry, Amanda realized that her passion lay in education. She decided to return to academic life and is currently working toward a PhD in English.
Amanda uses an adaptive, organic approach to tutoring that she has found to be extremely effective, especially for students who prefer a more dynamic way of processing information. She stresses positive study habits and overall organization as the vital basis for learning, emphasizing the conceptual "big picture" as a tool in prioritizing workloads and absorbing material. Amanda loves to read her favourite female authors (Joan Didion and Virginia Woolf) in her spare time. When not on the couch with a book, she can be found on the softball diamond, usually playing outfield. She also loves to share new musical artists like Vacationer and Sea of Bees with any friends willing to listen.

We consider it a privilege and an honor to support students and their families throughout the Los Angeles area.  Please call us at any time; we welcome your thoughts and input.  We are available at 310-823-4398.

Jamie Altshule
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