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People With Asperger's Syndrome and Their Unique Skills
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Study Tip -...When Preparing for Finals, Start With Your Toughest Class
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Academic Success Offers ISEE Classes this Summer


Academic Success will be offering a two-week course preparing students for the upper-level version of the ISEE. The classes will be taught at St. Matthew's Parish School in Pacific Palisades.
1st session: June 28 - July 9
2nd session: July 12 - July 23

The class will cover the strategies needed to maximize scores, and teach the specific English and Math content that might be lacking.  The upper-level ISEE is a tricky test with two math sections, two verbal sections and an essay.  Our no-homework class will "de-mystify" the test and provide the techniques needed to get the best result possible.

Call us at 310-823-4398 to sign up, classes are filling fast.

Academic Success Partner of the Month  


There is perhaps no tougher job than dealing with youths and adolescents with psychological disorders.  It takes a special touch to listen to the concerns, discern the problem and prescribe a regimen of treatment.  Dr. Heather Lin is one of our favorite referrals for youths and adolescents confronting these challenges.

Dr. Lin graduated from Cornell  University and received her Doctorate of Medicine at New York Upstate Medical University at Syracuse.  She did her training at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was the Chief fellow in the Subspecialty Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Lin specializes in treating Mood Disorders like depression and bipolar, Anxiety Disorders like panic, OCD and social anxiety, and other areas like ADHD, schizophrenia and autism.  It takes a person with unique training to be able to recognize the subtleties in these problems and come up with the right treatment plan for these troubled youths and adolescents.

These are tough issues for parents to sort out, and Dr. Lin can be a great resource in helping kids and their parents find the right path.  Please check out her website and give Dr. Lin a call if she can be helpful.

for a Student Community Service Opportunity?
Vista Del Mar logo 
Vista Del Mar is one of the most comprehensive care facilities for children experiencing mental health, behavioral, emotional, or social problems.  Located in West LA, this non-profit organization provides a variety of services, including foster care, adoption, and the treatment of children with developmental difficulties. They have several different kinds of volunteer programsfor teenagers from being a teacher's helper in the K-12 program to helping in the theater program. Vista is one of the jewels of our community and a great place for any student looking for an opportunity to volunteer.
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Looking for a College Counselor or Ed Therapist?
We  partner with excellent Educational Therapists and College Counselors throughout the L.A. area.  Give us a call and we can recommend the right fit for your child.
Check Out Our YouTube Video!!


Academic Succes is very proud of the two-minute video we recently produced to give you a feel for who we are, our philosophy and the way we approach our work.
 The Higher Road
 Life Coaching for Teens

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The Higher Road life coaches work with teens in the most challenging aspects of life: social skills, managing stress, motivation, organization, health and wellness, and oppositional behavior.

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Check out The Higher Road website to learn more about this dynamic program.
How Academic Success Can Support You
At Academic Success we take great pride in finding the right coach to support the unique needs of each student we help.  Please check out the areas where we work on our web site and let us know how we can support you.

It's late May and students and teachers alike are chomping at the bit to be free, free, free! With the excitement and joy of summer coming fast, we offer a few key pieces of information in our monthly newsletter to keep you focused, interested and fully charged through the end of the year. Don't let your anticipation of sunny beaches and warm nights distract you from finishing the year strong.  As our Dad, who was also our Little League coach, used to say, "The team that hustles the most is the team that wins the most."  You can relax at 31 Flavors after the last pitch is thrown!


As always, we are ready and able to assist you with all of your academic challenges.


Call us at (310) 823-4398


Jamie and Eric

Education News

People With Asperger's Syndrome and Their Unique Skills
Big ShortAsperger's Syndrome is an autism disorder that has received a lot of press.  Those with Asperger's often struggle with social interactions and picking up on  social cues.  However, many people diagnosed with Asperger's also show heightened abilities to concentrate and focus on specific tasks and an ability to absorb and retain large amounts of information.
In Michael Lewis' new book about the 2008 financial meltdown, The Big Short, he profiles one fascinating investor, Michael Burry.  Burry, diagnosed with Asperger's, was a medical student at Vanderbilt when he gave up medicine to become an investor.  He found that he had the unique ability to spend hours pouring through a detailed financial prospecti, finding  little gems and insights overlooked by most investors.
In 2005, he began studying the prospectus for sub-prime mortgage bonds, believing that he, along with the lawyers who wrote those documents, were the only ones who ever laid eyes on them.  For most people, those documents were too dense and frankly, too boring, to go over in detail. However, Burry had the ability to read them for hours, picking up on their nuances.  Eventually, he realized these mortgage bonds were over-valued, made financial bets that some would fail, and made over $100 million for himself and $700 million for his investors.
As neuro-scientists and educators begin to understand more about Asperger's syndrome, it is becoming increasingly clear that this population is not disabled so much as differently-abled.  This realization, and the teaching techniques required to fully integrate this population, will surely become a more prominent part of the education landscape.
Attend Outstanding University Lectures from the Comfort of Your Own Desk
diamond brainOne of the pleasures of attending some of the great universities in America is the opportunity to go to some of the most compelling lectures our educational system has to offer.  A great lecture is part theater, part evangelical sermon, and part data dump.  Great lecturers are rare talents, and few students get the opportunity to experience their performances - until now.
Many universities are starting to put some of their great lectures on-line so that anyone can log onto YouTube and enjoy some of these great academic experiences.  Among the great lectures on-line are:
*  UC Berkeley's Marian A. Diamond's Introduction to Anatomy lecture where she reaches into her hat box and pulls out a real human brain.
*  UCLA's Robert Goldberg's spellbinding lecture on Genetic Engineering
 *  UC Berkeley's Richard Muller's  lectures on ElectricityRadiation, and Relativity from his famous course Physics for Future Presidents.
The New York Times has a link to a half dozen terrific lectures you can find on line, but there are dozens of others that can be found on YouTube.
For students of all ages, these lectures are a great opportunity to understand how enriching the college experience can be, but they are also a useful primer for teachers and speakers in many fields.  Watching each professor's unique style can teach others how to hone their skills and enliven their own presentations.

Study Tips

Study Tip -  When Preparing for Finals, Start With Your Toughest Class

studying 2If you are a math whiz, studying for your trig final can be very comforting.  Going over material that comes naturally to you builds confidence and helps lessen final-time stress.  Before you realize, your evening of study is over and you have avoided (again) US History and Latin preparation.

Don't fall into this trap!  If history is your toughest subject, start with history. Start your evening with a 30 min block to categorize, review and distill your notes, readings and outlines.  This will be the hardest studying you will do, so do it at the beginning when you have the most energy and focus. Then shift to a 30 minute block of your next most dreaded subject and then onto the next. Each night tackle your review in short power-packed chucks of time, take breaks, and be consistent.

Using this approach, and not scheduling too much for each night, you will sustain the mental energy to study each day leading up to finals and walk in confident and fully prepared.

Coach Profile

Meet Joe Kaczorowski
Coach Profile of the Month

Joe KA native of the San Fernando Valley, Joe has stayed native for his college (UCLA), baseball team (Dodgers) and basketball team (Lakers).  So how is it that the New York Jets are religion in the Kaczorowski household?  Joe's father grew up in West Hempstead, NY where the Jets practice, and from a young age Joe's Dad informed him that if he enjoyed living under his roof and eating his food, he was going to have to be a Jets fan.  Some passions are developed, and others are thrust upon you.
However, Joe's world vision has been formed by experiences farther away than Hempstead.  He has lived abroad in Spain, has backpacked across Europe and is preparing to go to Law School in the fall at UC Hastings School of Law.
Joe's first experience as an Academic Coach came from helping his younger siblings with their school work and acting as a role model to help them develop their study habits.  To make schoolwork more accessible to his Academic Success clients, Joe tries to find ways to relate the work to each one's interests outside of school.  He also emphasizes the strategic ways that students can work the system to improve their grades and provides his clients with a realistic perspective on how education can influence their future life and career.

We consider it a privilege and an honor to support students and their families throughout the Los Angeles area.  Please call us at any time; we welcome your thoughts and input.  We are available at 310-823-4398.
Jamie Altshule & Eric Altshule
Academic Success,Inc.