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Study Tip - When Studying for Finals, Work Backwards!
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How Academic Success Can Support You
At Academic Success we take great pride in finding the right coach to support the unique needs of each student we help.  Please check out the areas where we work on our web site and let us know how we can support you.

Academic Success Partner of the Month

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One of our favorite partners, Dr. Charlotte Reznick, has come out with a new book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success.  Imagine your frustrated four-year-old calming her own anger with a few simple breaths. Picture your fourth grader visualizing an ice blue pillow to cool his hot headaches. Or your worried eleven-year-old improving her concentration by consulting a personal wizard to help with homework.
The Power of Your Child's Imagination will show you how to empower your child with easy, effective, and creative skills for surviving-and thriving-in a stressful world. This indispensable guide provides nine simple tools to help children cope with stress and anxiety by tapping into their imagination to access their own natural strength and confidence.
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Check Out 826LA
Academic Success' favorite
826LA, offers writing workshops in local public schools and free after-school tutoring in its Venice and Echo Park facilities.  To see how this dynamic organization is making a real difference in our community, check out their blog or go to one of their free events.

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Looking for a College Counselor or Ed Therapist?
We  partner with excellent Educational Therapists and College Counselors throughout the L.A. area.  Give us a call and we can recommend the right fit for your child.
for a Student Community Service Opportunity?
Surfrider is a responsible and passionate organization dedicated to environmental education, clean-up, and progress. Read about the West L.A.Chapter's Teach & Test program at Santa Monica High, which empowers students, using lab equipment to test the water in Santa Monica Bay for contaminants.  Surfrider then studies and posts the results, and educates the community about the possibility of changing the effectiveness of water treatment facilities.

Finding the Right Coach with
Academic Success

With our team of coaches, there is one perfect fit for every student who needs support.  Check out our web site or call us to learn more about our coaching team.

December is often a twofold challenge for students.  The first half of December presents projects, papers, mid-term exams and expectations for 1st semester grades.  The other end of December offers a break from classes, family time and sometimes a chance to makeup school work or get ahead.  Navigating from the front end to the back end of the month can be tricky.
For seniors in high school, this time of year is even further complicated with college applications and standardized test preparation. Take a deep breath friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This will pass, and soon graduating seniors will be making much more fun choices, like which school to say "yes" to and what to study freshman year.

We are always available to help students through these busy times.  Please call us with any question or concern at 310-823-4398.
Happy Holidays to All,

Jamie and Eric

Education News

Click On Our New YouTube Video

826 logoAcademic Success, is very proud of the two-minute video we recently produced to give you a feel for who we are, our philosophy and the way we approach our work. Our personalized system truly stands out from the pack.  Unlike most tutoring services, in order to set up each student with the right coach, we come to your home (free of charge) to make sure we understand the student's goals, learning style and concerns.  After each session, parents receive detailed notes about the progress made and issues that still need to be addressed.
 Check out our quick video!

More Schools Making use of High-Tech Resources

We are living through a digital revolution and educators are at the forefront of this change.  More schools, from elementary right up to high schools, now have smart-boards in many classrooms and web portals where teachers can post assignments, distribute power point teacher presentations, link to reference materials, and collect homework from students.
Schools are making massive investments in these new technologies, and working through the many issues surrounding how to make the most of them.  One of the biggest challenges school administrators have is helping teachers adopt these technologies and make use of them.  As with any major change, some teachers eagerly embrace these new electronic systems, while others are more wary and prefer to hand everything out on paper.  Many school administrators are exchanging information (on-line of course!) about how to best "get teachers to use the stuff."  Parents can help by talking to their kids about these issues and providing feedback to teachers and school administrators about how these technologies impact the homework process.

Study Tips

Study Tip -  When Studying for Finals, Work Backwards!

826 logoFinals can often mean stress, frustration, and more than a few tears. The key to handling this time of year successfully is having a reliable game-plan.  For example, when studying for big tests, the first thing to do is create your own calendar with each exam date. Work backwards from the date of the test, filling in the calendar with tasks that need to be completed each day with a specific time allotment thought out ahead. No one day should be too heavy. One day might look like: History - outline   of Chapter 5 (45 min,) Spanish - make 20 flash cards (30 min,) English - review key vocab terms (30 min.) Having a mapped out, day-by-day strategy is key to making sure that the work is done with calm focus and nothing gets missed.

Coach Profile

Meet Rachel Smith
Coach Profile of the Month
Rachel SmithFor Rachel Smith, there is no greater joy than seeing the look on a child's face as they suddenly grasp a concept that has been eluding them. The challenge lies in continually finding novel ways to introduce material that has been presented "the same old way" for years. Rachel thrives on the challenge, whether it's teaching math, writing, or water-skiing.
After completing a degree in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Rachel moved to Los Angeles to participate in the Director's Guild of America's Producer Training Program. Although working in TV and film production was fun, Rachel found her real joy came in spending time one-on-one with children on studio sets. She left behind the "smoke and mirrors" of Hollywood, and returned to psychology, working with children with traumatic brain injuries, early onset schizophrenia and special needs at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute/Semel Institute. 
When not working at UCLA or as an Academic Success coach, you can usually find Rachel hiking Runyon Canyon, with her 2 year old golden retriever.

We consider it a privilege and an honor to support students and their families throughout the Los Angeles area.  Please call us at any time; we welcome your thoughts and input.  We are available at 310-823-4398.
Jamie Altshule & Eric Altshule
Academic Success, Inc.