Issue #15
January 2012

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What's New In The Archive
Stock Footage Projects Of Note
Historic Films is  the most comprehensive online source for licensing stock, musical performance and entertainment footage.

Welcome to the latest issue of our series of periodic updates & news blurbs concerning all things Historic (Footage, that is!).

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At long last, after two years of development, Historic Films is proud to announce the launch of its new ,fully digital, online website. We are now able to offer on-line screening of many hours of footage from our stock footage library (and more as it gets digitized!) and "priority access" to thousands of entertainment/music clips for research, screening and downloading.  Historic Films has chosen to offer entire documents for user viewing rather than preselected individual "clips" as is the standard for many other footage archives.

Visit us at and remember, if you don't have the time to do the research yourself an experienced Historic Films researcher is just a phone call away.

What's New In The Archive
The Ernie Kovacs Show/ The Edie Adams Show
Ernie Kovacs was undeniably one of the great pioneers of television comedy. Kovacs made the medium of TV an integral part of his humor,
Ernie Kovacks / Edie Adams
Ernie Kovacs & Edie Adams
and his wit and talent continues to inspire even today. The 10+ years he was on television (March 1951 - January 1962) left an indelible mark on the industry and on everyone who watched and remembered his shows. Thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of the late Edie Adams, his widow, a great deal of his television work survives in original 16mm kinescopes and 2'' video masters. Historic is proud to be the exclusive representative for clips from the Ernie Kovacs Show

Besides being an era defining beauty and the MURIEL CIGAR GIRL in a fabulous series of commercials from the 1950s-70s, EDIE ADAMS, in her own right, was a Juiliard
Edie Adams
trained singer, model, Emmy winning actress and a first rate comedienne. She often appeared in skits with her husband Ernie Kovacs and between 1960-1961 hosted her own ABC network variety show THE EDIE ADAMS SHOW for which she received four emmy nominations. Guests included BOB HOPE, LOUIS ARMSTRONG, STAN GETZ, DUKE ELLINGTON, SAMMY DAVIS JR and many other icons of her generation. As a result of Edie's careful preservation of the masters from her and her husband's programs, Historic Films is able to offer excerpts from these important shows for use in all media.
For licensing inquiries please contact our research staff.

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                  History Makers International 
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History Makers International brings together the world's best program makers to share their insights on this year's significant events
 affecting programming, while also looking forward to future trends in history, archives, and investigative and social issue programming.

Historic Films will be taking part of this event on January 25-27 at the Millenium Broadway Hotel in New York City 

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                             Stock Footage Projects Of Note

Historic Films has recently made important stock footage contributions to the following productions:

BET Honors: Stevie Wonder

Northern Lights Productions: Mob Museum Las Vegas 
RPM Productions: Zen of Bennett
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