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September 2009
Los Pallilos News Conference 
DA Announces Charges Against Kidnapping Crew
San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis  announced a two-year investigation led by the DA's Office resulted in a 22 count indictment of 17 individuals connected to a kidnapping and murder crew operating in San Diego known as Los Palillos. The indictment includes the charging of nine murders that occurred in San Diego County.
"This rogue group of individuals is responsible for a string of brutal murders and kidnappings that demonstrate the ugly reality of cross-border violence," said DA Dumanis.
The nine murder victims were lured to houses rented by members of Los Palillos, or abducted and held at those houses before eventually being murdered.   The bodies of two murder victims were dissolved in acid.
DA Youth Film Premieres
4 or 40 PremiereThe District Attorney's Youth Advisory Board premiered a short film entitled "4 or 40: The Choice is Yours" at the Lincoln High School theater in Southeast San Diego.  The film is part of a countywide campaign encouraging youths to make better life choices in difficult situations.
"The film's message is a powerful one, in part because it came directly from the students," said DA Bonnie Dumanis.  "The decisions young people make during their four years in high school really will affect the next 40 years of their lives."
Following the premiere of the film, the DA's Youth Advisory Board members will begin to take their message county-wide by visiting primarily middle school classrooms to screen the film and discuss its empowering message.
small color seal 7KInvestigation into Fundraising Incident Complete

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis  announced the results of an investigation into the arrest of Shari Lynn Barman and Pamela Ann Morgan.  The DA's Office also reviewed the actions of San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy Marshall Abbott on June 26, 2009 in Encinitas.
After a thorough, independent investigation and careful review of the facts and the evidence no criminal charges will be filed against any of the individuals involved.
"It is hard to imagine respected, responsible adults, or a decorated Marine with five years of service and an unblemished record of service in the Sheriff's Department, ending up in such a situation.  Cooler heads could have intervened to defuse, not escalate the situation," said DA Dumanis.
Restraining Order "How to" Video on DA Website
CourtroomA video showing victims of domestic violence the steps to obtaining a restraning order is now available on the District Attorney's website.  This important information can  help victims of family violence protect themselves from their abusers.  Recent statistics show reports of domestic violence are on the increase.  You can watch the video by clicking here.
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Kidnapping and Murder Crew Indicted
DA Youth Film Premieres
Fundraising Incident Investigation Complete
Restraining Order "How to" Video
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Charles Allman, 66, was declared a sexually-violent predator by the court.  In 1974, he molested a six-year old girl.  In 1980, he molested two young females, and in 1989 he was convicted of five counts of child molestation on five girls ranging from age 5 to 15.
Exodus Bolton, 38, an ex-con who stabbed a man trying to break up a fight
on the San Diego trolley was sentenced to nearly ten years in state prison.
Magali Manilla Cabrera, 29, was sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to have her husband killed in Mexico.
Elphert Laforteza, 18, pleaded guilty to charges of possession of a destructive device and possession of materials to make a destructive device.  The student athlete set off five bottle bombs at San Ysidro High School.

The Employees of the San Diego District Attorney, in partnership with the Community we serve, are dedicated to the pursuit of truth, justice and protection of the innocent, and the prevention of crime through the vigorous and professional prosecution of those who violate the law.