Healing Your 'Self' is an Infinite Gift!

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Follow the link below to Youtube for the free introductory healing meditation!

Free Introductory Healing Meditation



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Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to offer the first in a series of Healing Meditations that you can do on your own anytime!  Please click on the Youtube Link below and try my free gift to you, a Self-Healing Meditation which activates your own healing powers!

My personal goal is to assist anyone who has a deep desire for divine health and happiness, so I am creating a series of Self-Healing meditations that you will be able to download from my website at a nominal fee.

My next video will be for the Heart Center, clearing out old hurt feelings and hatred, opening the space to receive, (and give!), all that you want!



P.S. Remember that private healing sessions are available to individuals and couples who want assistance moving through deep and difficult thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. I can be reached via email at 4energyhealing or by phone at 818-825-0076.

P.P.S. Why is energy healing so important??!! Read the article below...

Healing Your 'Self' is an Infinite Gift!


The biggest gift we can give ourselves and the world is our own personal healing.  Since we are beings of vibration, all of our thoughts, emotions, reactions and actions send a vibration out into the Universe, or the collective energy that all humans share, called collective consciousness.


 Therefore, everything we think, say, feel, and act upon whether within ourselves privately, or outside for all to witness, affects the vibration of energy that we all live in.  Healing yourself to become the most amazing, splendid being that you can be will have the most positive and amazing affect on collective consciousness!


Imagine if every person took responsibility for their thoughts and feelings and actually went about to create new thoughts and feelings that were in alignment with a higher purpose, filled with compassion, and with the intention of serving God, how much of a happier and peaceful place this realm would be.


This realm is filled with pain because we, the human beings that inhabit this planet, are filled with pain.  There is pain from this life, past lives and from the separation that we unconsciously feel from Source energy here on Earth.  However, that connection can be found during meditation and other healthy practices, which practiced diligently and over time will raise your own vibration, sending this into the energy around you.


If you truly want to bring more peace and harmony to the Earth, do your inner work!  Healing occurs from the inside out, not the outside in.  Peace and War cannot co-exist.  Love and Pain cannot co-exist.  Until each human being takes ownership of the conscious and unconscious energy that they are putting into our collective 'soup', we will continue to live in disharmony.  Ignorance will destroy us.  Awareness will free us.  Willingness to dig deep inside your own Being will raise our collective vibration.


My gift to you is this healing meditation to help you along your journey.  Use it any time you need to release some old feelings or patterns.   It can be used on a specific emotion, thought or place in your body or you may just allow the energy to go where it knows to go. 


Blessings and Namaste,