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u An Extraordinary Autumn
                                          Late September, 2011  
Elephant LanguageJefFant
     This summer my wife Esta and I had the amazing experience of visiting an elephant camp in the north of Thailand. There we learned to be 'mahoot' - elephant trainers - and to speak elephant language. A loud 'malong!' will tell your elephant to kneel so you can climb up onto its neck. "Bie" tells the elepahant to go. "Sie" and "Qua" will lead you left or right. Importantly, "How!" tells your elephant to stop. And when an elephant hugs you with its trunk, no language is needed. That's how it is with extraordinary things: no explanations are required. 

     I believe the beautiful things in our gallery also speak their own language.  Come see for yourself... and  listen.
     And by the way,  now there is  an elephant in our gallery (in a frame). 

     All the best,  


PondView 450 

Pond View Pottery - Exclusively at Artists' Market

Bonnie Beatrice makes each porcelain strand for her bowls and baskets herself in her small Connecticut studio. Every piece has to dry very slowly and be fired just right to preserve the intricate shapes of her classic designs. She sells her work through just one gallery: Artists' Market.
Reasonably priced and in flawless taste, these extraordinary creations
make perfect gifts and display pieces for your home.



The Other Side of Escher's Extraordinary "Puddle"


M. C. Escher printed virtually all of his woodcuts by hand in his home studio. Here he would experiment with different inks and papers, sometimes printing on exceptionally thin 'Japan' tissue. We recently acquired 'Puddle,' one of his most contemplative and complex creations, and as you can see in the picture above, the paper is so thin that the ink looks almost identical from the front of the sheet and the back! Escher found that printing on paper such as this gave tones and depth that could not be achieved any other way. To find a work like this in beautiful condition so many decades after it was created is a rare opportunity, and I invite you to see this print in person and consider hanging it on your own wall. 'Puddle' joins our collection of over fifty vintage works by Escher.   


Our exclusive M. C. Escher catalog includes the first publication of a new essay "Escher and Philately" and our new print acquisitions. Contact our gallery for a hard-cover or pdf copy.


Thai triple

Photographs From the Other Side of a Small Planet
by Jeffrey Price


McCall 2  We are experts at recreating and restoring damaged documents and photographs
using the latest digital imaging techniques and archival printing.
Pictures that could never be saved before can now become treasures for all time.
The costs are reasonable and the results remarkable, as  you can see above!

Let us recreate and frame your faded heirlooms so that your memories can last forever


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