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Extraordinary Acquisitions
                                                               May, 2011  
Jeff speaks

  One of the great things about being a gallerist at Artists' Market  is that I never know what will happen next: what treasure will come through the door for framing, who will call me up with an artwork for sale - or wanting to own a rare Escher print - and what artists I will meet.


  Recently I've been fortunate to acquire several artworks of such extraordinary beauty that I just can't wait to share them with you here.  Clement and Kamena are Westport artists who I'm sure you will enjoy... I've known them for years and I'm delighted to spread the news of their New York show with you. John Jensen is one of the finest metalsmiths working today. He creates crown jewels that just happen to be knives! And  I've just expanded Artists' Market's exhibition space to show a complete suite of 1939 etchings by Anton Schutz depicting New York City as the grand metropolis it was over seventy years ago, and still is today.


  These things just have to be seen to be fully appreciated,  so I'll look forward to seeing you soon at Artists' Market!
  All the best,

Bond Jar  

Serge Clement & Marina Kamena

"Jar Memory: M.C. Escher"


Acquired for the Artists' Market permanent  Escher collection 


Print Gallery Double

"Print Gallery"          and          "Predestination"

Two of M. C. Escher's rarest and most desirable lithographs have joined our collection.


Many Escher artworks from our collection are on exhibit at Berkshire Museum through May 22 

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit:  

These prints return to our gallery in June, and will be your opportunity to own a museum-piece


Download our exclusive revised M. C. Escher catalog by clicking here

Catalog includes the first publication of a new essay "Escher and Philately" and our new print acquisitions

Metropolis 1939: New York City in Etchings

Vintage Prints by Anton Schutz 

NY Horiz
Schutz triple
Anton Schutz was born in Germany in 1894 and came to America when his pacifism made that move imperative. An acclaimed artist on both sides of the Atlantic, Schutz studied with Joseph Pennell and was particularly famous for his dramatic city views.
We have a complete collection of Schutz's twenty-four 1939 gravure etchings of New York City, perfect pictures for that place in The City and for every New York City lover.  
Syndrome Type2


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