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An Extraordinary Spring      
A Dolphin's View
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     After the rush of an amazing holiday season, my wife Esta and I had a chance to travel to the Pacific coast of Mexico, and on a sunny afternoon we visited some remarkable dolphins. This is an experience I highly recommend since it a rare chance to be close to a mammal who no doubt sees our planet from a very different viewpoint than we do. Holding this big friendly creature inspired me to imagine seeing world in a different way: what if our air were water, how would it feel if we swam instead of walked, and what would life be like if we had to choose when to breathe?

      When I admire at artworks in our gallery I try to imagine what the artists were feeling when they created such beautiful things. How did Escher see the world? How does a woodworker feel in a forest? How differently these artists must see the world! Each, however, shares the passion to create something that expresses the beauty they find in the world, and this is what we look forward to sharing with you.


And if you happen to get up close to a dolphin, look into its eyes and see the world from a different perspective!

All the best,

Berkshire 475

Don't miss the opportunity to experience a museum exhibition of M. C. Escher's work at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield Mass. On view through May 22, this collection features major works rarely exhibited before and includes many prints, drawings, and artifacts on loan from our collection at Artists' Market.

More information is available at 

Icos box 750

This Icosahedral Box with Starfish and Shells is one of the only three-dimensional works created by Escher, and for the first time I have found one that is complete with the original printed inserts describing this rare piece. In 1963 Escher designed this box as a presentation piece for the 75th anniversary of a box manufacturer, and today it is a unique part of Escher's legacy. I just published the first translation of the insert, and you can read all about this fascinating piece in our catalog, available below. Artists' Market continues to have the only permanent gallery exhibit of Escher's work.  His original prints are some of the most recognizable images in twentieth-century art and I believe they are still undervalued in today's market, so now is an excellent time to consider owning one of the rare originals from our collection.

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 You can download our extensive catalog
of Escher artworks and essays by clicking HERE.
Sophie 600
Here and Gone: Enhanced Views of the PastBeauties on Beach 600
Frolicking Beauties on the Beach, Fairfield, Conn.


Artists' Market donated a collection of our images from vintage postcards to Norwalk City Hall, and they now fill the newly-created 'Mayor's Gallery' on the second floor.  There, as well as in our gallery, you can see a wonderful collection of views of our area from the early years of the last century. Here's one you won't find in City Hall, however, and I think this is a great way to celebrate the coming of spring!  Come on everyone: frolick in your high-heeled shoes... and stop by soon to see this historic collection!  
                   Father son 700
before           document and photograhic restoration           after

We are experts at recreating and restoring damaged documents and photographs using the latest digital imaging techniques and archival printing. Pictures that could never be saved before can now become treasures for all time. The costs are reasonable and the results remarkable, as  you can see above!

Let us recreate and frame your precious photos so that your memories can last forever.

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