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Bruce Springsteen's Promise, and Our Ownbruce 1

On November 15th I was lucky to be one of 20 folks invited to talk to Bruce Springsteen about his 'new' album, The Promise, at the SiriusSM studtios in New York. Over the course of two hours each of us got to ask Bruce a question, and then he took the time for a photo op. Every question was answered with thoughtful insight and touched on issues many of us never expected. I asked Bruce ,"what do you promise your children and your audience." Bruce's answer took us back to his early days of listening to music, and how those songs we heard on the radio and records made us into a community and shared messages that were like some secret language. That sense of community, he explained, was something valuable and magical, and that was what he tried to create with his craft.

A month after that experience I am reliving that evening in slow motion as much as my fading memory will allow. Tonight Bruce sent out a holiday gift to us all by releasing a special video of him and the E Street Band playing some songs they never released thirty years ago. Here's the link to that video: Springsteen's Promise
The joy and passion of performance is there in every note, and obviously a splendid time was had by all.

I feel privileged to be part of Bruce's audience, and it is easy to be inspired by him.

As we rush through our fortieth holiday season at Artists' Market I am proud of the number of people who have told us how special and valuable our shop is. In these days of malls and internet connections, it is rare to find a beautiful store staffed with knowledgeable people who care deeply about what they are doing and who comes through the door. In our own way we have formed a community: a community of artists, craftspeople, gallerists and customers. Every day we work at making things a little more beautiful in the world and sharing that beauty with as many people as we can. A kaleidoscopic tour of our gallery this holiday season is below, but it is really meant to be touched and experienced first-hand.

We are here because of you, and we will continue to share all the good things that come our way.

That's our promise.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a optimistic transition into 2011.

Jeffrey Price
and the Artists' Market folks: Karri, Tom, Tracey, Francoise, Sue, Wendy and Esta

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