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An Extraordinary Holiday Season                           2010
Seeing Slowly
Blue Sky Ankor Jeff

How long does it take to look at a picture? That was a question posed in the news the other day. Studies show that people look at pictures in museums for about 15 seconds each. On the other hand, I've looked at many artworks for years and years and understand them so much better after spending a lot of time in their presence. That's one of the great benefits of owning original art: you see it much more clearly after looking at it slowly. Escher pictures in particular benefit when you take the time to really think about the image. Spend some time imagining the artist carving a woodblock
or sketching in his notebook as he searched for a perfect pattern. Fine crafts are similar: when you live with a beautiful piece of art glass or something beautiful made in wood, silver, or clay, the spirit of the artist enhances your home and you can appreciate the lifetime of experience that went into creating something so timeless. This holiday season let me suggest you slow down and enjoy not only the treasures of family times, but also the beauty of the art in our homes and the world around us. See it
slowly and savor
every moment.

    All the best,

Assel boat

A simple boat at sea... that is where this woodcut by Escher begins. Looking closely, however, we find that the sky above evolves into fish below. Indeed, there are connections all around us that we only discover after much contemplation. This is a recent addition to our collection of original works by M. C. Escher.
Consider owning a small masterpiece this holiday season and you will have a treasure forever!

Assel 400

You can download our extensive catalog of Escher
prints and essays by clicking HERE.

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VENU cover Jeffrey Escher

Venu p1

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Artists' Market, Jeffrey Price, and M. C. Escher, click here

Candles 600

In this season of giving, there is something very special about giving a gift made by hand. Our selection of fine American crafts is famous for exceeding expectations, and we often hear 'if you don't know what to give, just go to Artists' Market" And yes, we still do beautiful gift wrapping at no charge, right before your eyes.
Bodian Nurse          
Here and Gone: Enhanced Views of the PastNorwalk Yacht
Norwalk Yacht Club: 1947

This looks pretty close to paradise to me! Combining the latest imaging techniques with authentic scenes from the last century, this series of remarkable enlargements of vintage postcards of our area captures moments in time which surrounded us years ago. Conceived and printed by Jeffrey Price, these views of Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton, and New York City have been artfully enlarged to surround us in a style that has slipped away.
Exclusively on view at Artists' Market and available for holiday gift giving in small and large sizes.
    2up frame               2up frame

before           document and photograhic restoration           after

We are experts at recreating and restoring damaged documents and photographs using the latest digital imaging techniques and archival printing. Pictures that could never be saved before can now become treasures for all time. The costs are reasonable and the results remarkable, as  you can see above! This photograph of our client's childhood home in Oyster Bay had faded  so badly that it was barely recognizable, yet we were able to recreate the original image for our happy customer.

Let us recreate and frame your precious photos so that your memories can last forever.

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