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An Extraordinary Summer                                2010
Things to Hold On To

JP DN 100

Rare tresures become ever more scarce with age; beautiful things are always a joy to behold, and memories can last forever, especially in a beautiful frame. How fortunate we are to be able to surround ourseves with things that we can hold on to! I'm particularly pleased that we have found ways to make good use of the internet, email, and digital photography to help Artists' Market thrive in these days of ever-changing forms of communication and ecconomics. A handcrafted gift from our gallery can be endlessly admired, and a child's painting in a special frame can become a life-long symbol of love and creativity. We specialize in these 'things to hold on to,' and I look forward to sharing them with you.        --- Jeffrey

M.C. Escher & "The Keys to the Kingdom"

St Peters 450

The section of the Latin inscription surrounding the dome of St. Peter's Basilica that Escher included in this rare and important signed wood engraving from 1935 can be translated as 'I GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM" In this early print Escher had, indeed,  found his keys to understanding creation: these were pattern and perspective. "Inside St. Peter's" was created just a few months after Escher's famous lithograph, "Self-portrait in Reflecting Sphere," and was one of the last prints the artist created in Italy before returning to Holland. This, then, can be seen as the transition from the landscapes of Escher's early work to the mindscapes which occupied the rest of his artistic life.

St Peters Floor 450
I have completely revised our catalog of M. C. Escher prints and invite you download a pdf here or contact Artists' Market for a printed copy
Our Escher collection frequently changes: please call or write for the latest updates and pricing information. Jeffrey 800-279-6257  click to email Jeffrey
      " Beautiful Things to Hold On To"
Neo-Retro... vintage buttons re-imagined as jewels

  Ngo Button Jewels              Brubaker
                              Brubaker Candlesticks with interchangeable pods
Washington Street 600
Here and Gone: Enhanced Views of the Past

Combining the lastest imaging techniques with authentic scenes from a century ago, this series of remarkable enlargements of vintage postcards of our area in the first decade of the Twentieth Century captures moments in time which surrounded us years ago. Conceived and printed by Jeffrey Price, these views of Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton, and New York City have been artfully enlarged to surround us in a style that has slipped away. A selection of these remarkable pictures will be installed as a permanent exhibition at Norwalk City Hall this summer. Exclusively on view at Artists' Market.
    2up frame               2up frame

before           document and photograhic restoration           after

We are experts at recreating and restoring damaged documents and photographs using the latest digital imaging techniques and archival printing. Pictures that could never be saved before can now become treasures for all time. The costs are reasonable and the results remarkable, as  you can see above! This photograph of our client's childhood home in Oyster Bay had faded  so badly that it was barely recognizable, yet we were able to recreate the original image for our happy customer.
Let us recreate and frame your precious photos so that your memories can last forever.
Free Framing
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At Artists' Market we make your frames picture perfect!
If you choose regular picture glass, we will upgrade you at no additional charge to Conservation Clear Glass to resist fading.
If you choose Anti-reflection Glass to dramatically reduce glare,       we will give you a complimentary upgrade to Museum Glass               for the maximum UV protection as well as minimum reflections.

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