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M. C. Escher: Paths to Perception
2009 Exhibition and Offering of Original Prints
Exploring Escher's Paths to Perception

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I've looked at Escher prints for forty years and until I hung Escher's Italian lithograph 'Street in Scanno' on the wall near to his great illusionary print, 'Cycle' I never realized the close connections in composition between the two prints. One of the most exciting things for me is finding these connections as I travel along the path to understanding Escher's life's work. For some years  I've been writing about Escher's philosophy and his prints, I have finally finished a virtually complete catalog of our Escher collection including several commentaries on his work that you won't find elsewhere.   I'm pleased to say that the values of original works by Escher have continued to be very strong in today's challenging economy, and I would like to reccomend that you consider acquring an Escher original print while works like this are still available.
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M. C. Escher: Paths to Perception (click here to download) This is the most complete catalog of M. C. Escher's artwork we have ever created, with photographs of dozens of rare prints and drawings. The essay "Escher's Editions" describes Escher's printmaking. techniques, and "Roman Memories" provides a personal look at the artist by his son. "Paths to Perception" is my own essay explaining Escher's philosopy and imagery which I feel has taken me a lifetime of looking at Escher's work to write.  This is an 80 MB file and can take some time to download, but I think you will find it worthwhile. For pricing information on available prints, please call or write to me at the gallery.     Jeffrey

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Two views of our  'M. C. Escher: Paths to Perception"
 exhibition and offering of original prints

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