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In This Issue
• 100 Years of Fine Posters
• Necessary Luxury & Meaningful Possessions
• M. C. Escher in Greece and Connecticut
• Framing Fundamentals: What are you really buying?

100 Years of Fine Posters
Posters are a fantastically democratic and dynamic form of artwork with more impact per square inch than any other art form.

Artists Market 100 years of fine posters

The Paris of Toulouse Lautrec in the late 1800's saw the rise of the advertising poster as fine art. Originally posters were glued to walls and kiosks, however many of these posters were so gorgeous that collectors peeled them from the walls to decorate their homes, and it wasn't long before these posters were recognized as beautiful and valuable artworks in their own right. Posters were meant to have instant impact with a dramatic message that appealed to everyone. Many advertised travel, entertainment, and food, and often they were rather monumental in scale.

Artists' Market has acquired a wide selection of vintage posters from some of the most respected collections in the world. Whether you enjoy cognac or wine, sports posters from the Olympics or perhaps seeing Marilyn Monroe on her rare European film poster for ‘The Seven Year Itch,’ you will find something beautiful and entertaining in this collection of original poster art from 1890 to 1990.


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Necessary Luxury & Meaningful Possessions

In this holiday season let us celebrate the magnificence of handmade things: Artists' Market is an oasis of beauty which nurtures the integrity of real craftsmanship and meaningful, lasting possessions. When you give a gift from our gallery you are supporting the excellence of American artists in small studios, and it is likely that the object you select will be treasured for generations. There is simply nothing more worthwhile than giving and receiving something made with the care and creativity that make this country truly extraordinary.

We select every item at Artists' Market with the same care and attention to detail that you give to your home, and when you present one of these treasures at the holidays you can be sure that you have given something that will be appreciated as a personal expression of your belief in the value of beautiful things. Don't forget, our gift-wrapping is really a work of art itself, and we cheerfully wrap for free and can ship your gifts as well.

  Exquisite Crafts  

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M. C. Escher in Athens, Greece and here in Connecticut

Some years ago, many of M. C. Escher's finest prints were acquired from Artists' Market by an international collector based in both Connecticut and Athens, Greece. His love for art led to the establishment of a wonderful museum near the Acropolis named Museum Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts.

For the next year The Herakleidon will feature a four-part exhibit devoted to the work of M. C. Escher, with many prints and drawings that have never been seen before. You can learn more about this exhibit and the museum at their website Artists' Market has acquired a few copies of the magnificent 250-page color catalog of this exhibition, which is certain to become a treasured collector's item, so call us to reserve your copy now.

Artists' Market is fortunate to be the only permanent gallery with a collection of Escher's artwork on exhibit and for sale. We have recently completely reorganized our exhibition and have a particularly fine selection of smaller Escher originals available, as well as Escher books, calendars, silk neckties, and much more.

M. C. Escher's original works continued to be among the most valuable of all 20th century graphics, and they are certainly among the most instantly recognizable. Recent sales records show that in today's challenging economy Escher's work continue to be treasured by collectors. Recently an example of Escher's woodcut scroll 'Metamorphosis' sold for over $250,000 at auction in London, and several of Escher's prints sold at record prices in this country as well. Undoubtably, Escher's prints bring lasting satisfaction as they continue to grow in scarcity and value. At the left you see a rare proof print of Escher's woodcut 'Horsemen' from 1957 which is part of our current gallery exhibition. For more information on Escher, visit our websites and


Framing Fundamentals: What are you really buying?
Custom framing requires creativity and talent, and the knowledge and ability to select the proper framing materials for your particular project.

This means helping you choose the right colors, the best frame style, and most importantly, the appropriate materials to protect your art, photograph, or memorabilia. This includes both fabric and paper matboards, frames in wood finishes and gold leaf, backings, hinges, and a myrid of hardware choices. The choice of the correct glass is very important, too, since glass is available today with special optically clear low-reflection surfaces and coatings that protect the art from harmful ultra-violet rays that fade colors.

In order to preserve, protect, and get the most out of your artwork, you have some important choices to make. We're here seven days a week to make that process easy, informative, and enjoyable. We guarantee you will be pleased with every frame from Artists' Market. Be sure to click on the 'special offers' link at the bottom of this page for additional information and savings!

Fine Framing
Framed Champagne!