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The Service Weekend at the Lakota Waldorf School in South Dakota is heating up and we're thrilled by the outpouring of interest from Waldorf alums and others. It's going to be a tremendous time. The summer conference is shaping up as well, and registration forms are available online now. We're working hard on freshening our Green Pages in readiness for Earth Day in April. Also - screen-free week is coming up in April as well - maybe make your plans now for creative options to screen-time.

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Documentary "The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner" will premiere this month
Rudolf Steiner

 A new documentary about the holistic pioneer Rudolf Steiner by the award-winning documentary film-maker Jonathan Stedall will premiere at Rudolf Steiner House in London at the end of February. The documentary, "The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner," involved filming in five countries and three continents. The two-part documentary gives a historical overview of Steiner's life, as well as looking at examples of his legacy around the world. Read more NNA News February 10, 2012


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How much genuine value is there in fancy educational electronics? Don't let companies or politicians fool you. Although this article doesn't  

mention Waldorf Education, this LA Times article  

takes an excellent look at the politics behind technology  

in the classroom.    


LA Times

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Lessons on Life and Compost at the
Ann Arbor ReSkillng Festival

Ann Arbor Rudolf Steiner School is reclaiming community bonds in the form of the Ann Arbor ReSkilling Festival. "Reskilling" is all about sharing often abandoned skills for "resilient, low-energy living," in a face-to-face community setting. Since 2009, people have gathered at the Rudolf Steiner high school twice a year for a day of free workshops and seminars on such abandoned skills as cattail mat weaving, composting and canning fruits and vegetables, among many others. The idea of reskilling through community events is part of the world-wide transition movement, and it's taking shape in all sorts of ways around the world.  


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Lighting up the Darkness:
Uwe Jacquet, a pioneer of Waldorf Education

Although Uwe Jacquet's father was one of the founders of the Dresden Waldorf School, he himself missed out on a good part of his Waldorf Education because of the war. Instead he became a respected and beloved Waldorf teacher at Michael Hall as well as other schools. His firmness, temper, humor, extraordinary craftsmanship, energy, and love were cherished by his students. From the article: "Uwe Jacquet's 'Lantern Main Lesson' has become part of the class eight curriculum at Michael Hall. The pupils tend to be sceptical at first, doubtful that they can manage the fine filigree work with a cutting mat and a scalpel. They quickly gain confidence, however, after the first attempts and end up astounded at the beautiful pictures they produce."   


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Sharing my Love of Waldorf Education
Lakota student

A mother blogs about the education system in Mexico, saying she fell in love with Waldorf. "Beauty is very much part of Waldorf Education. Even the colours on the classroom walls and the way teachers paint them is important. Art is an important part of the curriculum; children create their own school books, they learn how to play musical instruments, learn a second and sometimes a third language; they watercolour, knit, weave, bake, do carpentry as part of their classes and it is all tied in to their main class." Read more January 28, 2012


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February 23-25, 2012: St. Paul, MN

2012 AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Conference

Straight from the Heart(land): Building Regenerative Communities with Michael D'Aleo
Rudolf Steiner's inspiration for Waldorf education grew out of a need for social and cultural renewal. Today, as we face tremendous social, economic and ecological challenges, collaboration with others is imperative to building regenerative communities. On the banks of the Mississippi River, at the edge of the plains of the great bison, before one of the gateways to the west, let us come together to explore a new, more conscious connection between the spiritual and the material. Out of acknowledging the wisdom of the past and being present- what future will we co-create?


February 23-25, 2012: Tiburon, CA

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training: A New Impulse - Third Conference

Inner Activity/Outer Demands: Waldorf schools and Waldorf teachers are greatly challenged today by the growing pressures from parents and society in general, to be more main stream: performance benchmarks, more conventional organizational and leadership forms, a strong focus on academics...This conference with Claus-Peter Röh will address the profound sources which can help us keep our bearings as we deal with the 21st century pressures that affect us and our schools.

At the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, Tiburon, CA

March 2, 2012: Newtown, CT

AWSNA Mid-Atlantic Regional Spring Meeting

Hosted by the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School


March 15 - 19, 2012: Austin, TX (Spring Session)

Spacial Dynamics Inservice Training Program

The course includes Spacial Dynamics exercises, Bothmer Gymnastic exercises, sports, indoor and outdoor games, track and field, exercises for the classroom, tumbling and acrobatics, archery, fencing, circus arts, juggling, group building exercises and dance. Also included are posture exercises, movement observation and analysis, teaching methods, therapeutic hands-on techniques, and remedial applications.

Hosted by the Austin Waldorf School 


 March 16 -17, 2012: Decatur, GA

Atlantic Southeast Region of AWSNA 2012 Annual Conference
Intuition and Innovation in Waldorf Schools: Exploring New Impulses

Intuition is the source for all truly new innovations. How do we begin to cultivate the quality of new thinking in ourselves as teachers and also in our students? Although the foundation of Waldorf Education upholds theses ideals, how do we activate our own inner activity to bring these qualities to life? Keynote speaker Michael D'Aleo explores ways in which Waldorf teachers can apply a phenomenological approach to their own teaching.  

Hosted by Academe of the Oaks Waldorf High School, Decatur, GA


March 16 -18, 2012: Lexington, MA

Interest, Insight and Initiative AWSNA Northeast/Québec Regional Conference

A workshop offered for developing Pedagogical Leadership, this workshop will continue the work we began last March on pedagogical leadership; we will focus on strengthening our ability to navigate the tension (and sometimes conflict) between the perceived needs of teachers and staff, and the perceived needs of the school, creating bridges of deeper understanding. 

Hosted by The Lexington Waldorf School, Lexington, MA


March 17, 2012: Harlemville, NY

Mid-Atlantic WECAN Conference with Nancy Blanning & Channa Seidenberg.

Hosted by Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.


April 19-22, 2012: Kyle, SD 
AWSNA Service Weekend on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota at the Lakota Waldorf School and the Oglala Lakota College
Save the dates and join us there! All alums are welcome to join us: parents, teachers, board members, administrators, former AND current students, and grandparents.


April 20 - 22, 2012: Chestnut Ridge, NY

2012 Handwork Research Conference

Preparing the Future - How do practical, artistic activities metamorphose into soul-spiritual capacities? Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gerald Karnow


June 18 - July 14, 2012: El Sobrante, CA

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training Summer Intensive

Curriculum support for Waldorf Teachers and classes for parents and the public.

East Bay Waldorf School 


2012 AWSNA Summer Conference: June 23-29

Working With Young People Answering the Call of the Future

Keynote Speaker: Florian Osswald

June 24-June 27 Main Conference

June 23-24  Pedagogical Section meeting

June 28, 29 Delegates meeting

Hosted by the Sacramento Waldorf School in Fair Oaks, CA


July 4-21, 2012: Ann Arbor, MI

Learn -Work -Share

Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Ann Arbor

A new Youth Initiative for 16-30 year olds runs from July 4-21st 2012. Participants will take part in the will be introduced to anthroposophical medical, nursing, therapeutic, and biodynamic principles while building a community of anthroposophically oriented youth, have an opportunity for hands on work experience in an anthroposophical setting, and teach 10-14 yr old girls about healthy lifestyle, movement, nutrition and gardening.


July 2-6, 2012: San Diego, CA

2012 Association of North American Waldorf Music Educators (ANAWME) Summer Music Conferences

Christiaan Boele is the guest teacher, sharing his knowledge of Werbeck singing and using singing voices to work in the classroom.

July 2-6 in San Diego and July 16-20 in Louisville, KY.

July 21-29, 2012: Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Gold - Its Spiritual Origins, Fallen History, Future Redemption
A Conference of The Christian Community Movement for Religious Renewal for North and South America

July 2012: San Diego and Louisville, KY


August 16-18 2012: San Francisco CA 94129

Save the Date: RSF Social Finance's The Economics of Education


More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works.


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