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Lakota tipiDear Friends,


Join us for our second annual Waldorf Inspired Service Weekend! 


We're gathering at the Lakota Waldorf School from April 19-22, 2012 for a weekend of work and fun in the Bad Lands of South Dakota.


Show the Lakota Waldorf School what all of us in service can do. Together we can make a difference.


In the meantime, warm holiday wishes to you all, 


Frances Kane            Patrice Maynard
   Administration     Development & Outreach
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Some Things To Look Forward to During the Service Weekend at the Lakota Waldorf School:

  • Team up for dorms or rooms at Lakota College and the Prairie Ranch Resort
  • Partial 'scholarships' for those who qualify
  • Come on Thursday, leave Sunday or Monday
  • Work all day: painting, building, helping
  • Join us on Saturday night for food and fun at the Lakota Prairie Ranch Resort
  • Meet the AWSNA Board of Trustees
Lakota children
Need help getting to Pine Ridge at Kyle, South Dakota?

Limited financial aid for travel assistance may be available!

Please write two paragraphs about why you want to participate in this service event and the financial limitations that may prevent you from doing so. Applications must be received by January 31. Please be mindful that the less you spend on your travel, the more aid we can offer others who have also been inspired to work the Waldorf Inspired Service Weekend at the Lakota Waldorf School. 


For an application click HERE.  

It's Gift-Giving Time


Lakota studentThink about a gift of service to a friend or relative who would love to go to South Dakota on April 19-22, 2012. Here are some ideas: 

  • Give your frequent flyer miles to someone who could use them.
  • Buy someone an airline ticket along with yours.
  • Contribute to a group of those who would like to give the weekend to Native America.
  • Organize a van pool to get their and lend a van!
Read more: Why Waldorf Works

Waldorf Education Events and Conferences

Please visit Why Waldorf Works for registration and contact information or for more details. If you have a conference you'd like posted on the site, send the information to


January 21, 2012: El Sobrante, CA

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training Visiting Day

See classes in session. Meet students and teachers.

Saturday from 10am -1pm at the East Bay Waldorf School.


January 24 - February 14, 2012: El Sobrante, CA

Understanding and Working with Temperaments A Parent Conversation Group with Dorit Winter

This course will introduce you to the four temperaments, and explore practical applications of this unique insight into the human being.

Tuesdays from 8:45 - 10:15am at the East Bay Waldorf School


February 9th, 2012: San Rafael, CA

Healing Through Singing Lecture by Christiaan Boele

Thursday at 7:30-9:00 pm

Lecture held at Marin Waldorf School, San Rafael, CA 94903


February 10- 12, 2012: Spring Valley, NY

2012 WECAN East Coast Conference

This year conference speakers Susan Weber and Philipp Reubke will share insights from their experience as Waldorf early childhood educators in relation to these questions, which will also be the focus of the World Early Childhood Educators Conference in Dornach, Switzerland in April.

Hosted by Greenmeadow Waldorf School.


February 18-20, 2012: East O'ahu, HI
Waldorf Regional Schools' Conference: 
Enhancing Creativity in Teaching with Dennis Klocek
The task of teaching requires balancing three different domains in order to keep the creative juices flowing in the classroom. This set of lectures will address working with students, parents, and colleagues by describing meditative exercises that can be used to develop creative strategies. Topics will include the pedagogical law, approaches to curriculum, developing living picture thinking, the sentient body and the maturation process, the role of discipline, sleep and dream, and the formation of leading questions.

Hosted by the Honolulu Waldorf School. 


February 18-22, 2012: Denver, CO

2012 AWSNA Texas/Mexico/Canada/Southwest/Rockies Regional Conference

Hosted by The Denver Waldorf School, the key note speaker will be Michael Howard who will be presenting on 'Educating the Will.'

Hosted by Denver Waldorf School.


February 23-25, 2012: St. Paul, MN

2012 AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Conference

Straight from the Heart(land): Building Regenerative Communities with Michael D'Aleo
Rudolf Steiner's inspiration for Waldorf education grew out of a need for social and cultural renewal. Today, as we face tremendous social, economic and ecological challenges, collaboration with others is imperative to building regenerative communities. On the banks of the Mississippi River, at the edge of the plains of the great bison, before one of the gateways to the west, let us come together to explore a new, more conscious connection between the spiritual and the material. Out of acknowledging the wisdom of the past and being present- what future will we co-create?


February 23-25, 2012: Tiburon, CA

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training: A New Impulse - Third Conference

Inner Activity/Outer Demands: Waldorf schools and Waldorf teachers are greatly challenged today by the growing pressures from parents and society in general, to be more main stream: performance benchmarks, more conventional organizational and leadership forms, a strong focus on academics...This conference with Claus-Peter Röh will address the profound sources which can help us keep our bearings as we deal with the 21st century pressures that affect us and our schools.

At the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, Tiburon, CA

March 2, 2012: Newtown, CT

AWSNA Mid-Atlantic Regional Spring Meeting

Hosted by the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School


March 15 - 19, 2012: Austin, TX (Spring Session)

Spacial Dynamics Inservice Training Program

The course includes Spacial Dynamics exercises, Bothmer Gymnastic exercises, sports, indoor and outdoor games, track and field, exercises for the classroom, tumbling and acrobatics, archery, fencing, circus arts, juggling, group building exercises and dance. Also included are posture exercises, movement observation and analysis, teaching methods, therapeutic hands-on techniques, and remedial applications.

Hosted by the Austin Waldorf School 


March 17, 2012: Harlemville, NY

Mid-Atlantic WECAN Conference with Nancy Blanning & Channa Seidenberg.

Hosted by Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.


April 19-22, 2012: Kyle, SD 
AWSNA Service Weekend on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota at the Lakota Waldorf School (LWS) and the Oglala Lakota College (OLC) 
Save the dates and join us there! All alums are welcome to join us: parents, teachers, board members, administrators, former AND current students, and grandparents.


SAVE THE DATE for the 2012 AWSNA Summer Conference: 

June 23-29

June 24-June 27: Main Conference

June 23-24:  Pedagogical Section meeting

June 28-29: Delegates meeting

Hosted by the Sacramento Waldorf School in Fair Oaks, CA

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works

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