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The Why Waldorf Works website is a tremendous resource - make the most of it! In addition to the member school resources we provide, we have several new sections: We've launched a new PEOPLE section. This is the place to send us news about the hiring of a new teacher or administrative changes. The page includes Alumni and In Memoriam sections. The ALUMNI CORNER is a great place for alums to meet and post stories. Very soon we'll have our new GREEN section, where we post news that is related to sustainable practices - send us your GREEN stories! This section also includes links to helpful sites for schools' use. Send news you have to


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San Francisco Waldorf High School  

Receives LEED Certification  


The San Francisco Waldorf High School is the first school in San Francisco to be awarded the coveted LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The centerpiece of the project involved the conversion of a 1970s-era 23,000-square-foot concrete structure into a sustainable learning environment featuring classrooms, science labs, art studios, a library, and administrative spaces. This marks the first time that a school in San Francisco has obtained LEED Gold certification.


Read more on Why Waldorf Works.   


New PEOPLE section on Why Waldorf Works  

Shannon Stevens joins the faculty as a first grade teacher at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. The school is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.    


Laurie Nagus is the new Enrollment Coordinator at the Madison Waldorf School, in Madison, WI.


Michael Soulé joins Sandpoint Waldorf School, Sandpoint, Idaho, as its new administrator.  


Michele Marks is the new first grade teacher at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, in Great Barrington, MA.   

Sara Walsh is the new school administrator at The Waldorf School of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.  


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Read more: PEOPLE on Why Waldorf Works.




Kieran Riley (Kimberton Waldorf School) interviews Douglas Sloan, professor of History and Education Emeritus at Teachers College, Columbia University. They discuss Rudolf Steiner and his influence in celebration of Rudolf Steiner's 150th birthday. You can listen to the archived interview from Kieran Riley's radio show on WGXC 


Benjamin Weber (Hawthorne Valley School) was selected as the 2011 Outstanding Secondary Level Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award recipient. 


Seth Travins (The Waldorf School of Garden City) has new album coming out with The Wiyos. 


Dante Hess' (Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School) Milk Thistle Farms, an upstate New York organic dairy farm, in the news.


Julianna Margulies (High Mowing School) wins Emmy for The Good Wife.  

Check out the Alumni Corner   on the Why Waldorf Works website. Sign up and post your news. The Alumni Corner is a place where Waldorf graduates can connect with old classmates, share stories, memories, form groups based on common interests, send messages, share business ventures and keep updated on news in the Waldorf world. This is an excellent way to advertise your business, collaborate on a project and keep in touch.


Read more on Why Waldorf Works. 



Waldorf Education Events and Conferences

Delegates' Circle meetings in all eight of our continental regions are happening in October and November. These dedicated groups of representatives from every member school and institute in North America (178 in all!) help to support the whole group of Waldorf organizations in each region. The Delegates discuss shared issues and resources and keep their schools and institutes apprised of news from their regions, the continent, and the world on behalf of their schools and on behalf of the whole Association. Schools and institutes release their teachers or administrators twice a year from school time - and then once again at the Summer Conference - to think regionally and globally with others for these meetings. 

Please visit Why Waldorf Works for registration and contact information or for more details. If you have a conference you'd like posted on the site, send the information to

October 20-22, 2011: Ann Arbor, MI
AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Delegates' Meeting
The Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, Michigan will once again be hosting the Great Lakes Delegates' meeting.


October 21-23, 2011: Iceland

International Steiner Waldorf Parents Network

The International Steiner Waldorf Parents Network invites all Waldorf parents to the second International Steiner Waldorf Parents Network Conference this year.


October 24, 2011: Chestnut Ridge, NY    

Money as a Force in the World - Sustainability and Responsibility

Workshop from 9am to 4pm, culminating in a public round table in the evening from 7pm to 9pm. Mark Finser, John Bloom, Don Shaffer, and Scott Williams among others will be presenting.


November 4, 5 & 6, 2011: Wilton, NH


Annual Conference on Adolescence for High School & Upper Grades Teachers

Keynote Speakers: Jon McAlice, Marisha Plotnik, and John Wulsin


More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works

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