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Dear Friends,

Nearly 100 volunteers (students, parents, teachers, alumni, board members) worked to complete many projects at the Waldorf School of New Orleans for a long, delicious weekend in April. These projects included lazure painting three classrooms and several large hallway walls, digging a 27 cubic foot mulch pit, installing a kindergarten vegetable garden that is edged with glass bottles, edging a hummingbird & butterfly garden in bottles as well, painting two bathrooms, picking up trash from the neighborhood city playground, raising the nursery playhouse patio, and repairing a concrete sidewalk (aka the nursery tricycle bike path).


Many volunteers have also been working with the wonderful St Bernard Project.


You can read a longer article on the Why Waldorf Works website. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work!!

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Proclamations Received from the City of New Orleans


Two 8th grade classes, from the Hartsbrook School, Hadley, MA and the Cincinnati Waldorf School, Cincinnati, OH, chose the service week for their 8th grade class trip: Both classes received proclamations from the City of New Orleans for their great service work this weekend.NOLA workers

You can read the Travelogue blog from the Cincinnati 8th graders here.



A Warm Thank You from WSNO NOLA workers3


The Waldorf School of New Orleans writes on the AWSNA Facebook page: "A warm thank you to AWSNA, Cincinnati Waldorf School, The Hartsbrook School, and all the wonderful volunteers who transformed our school through the April 2011 service weekend. Our entire school community was humbled by the spirit of the event, but our students were especially excited to see the changes."


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Comment from a WSNO 2nd Grader: 

"The most beautiful thing I saw when I walked into school this morning is: my classroom. It is like a real rainbow. I really, really, really, really like it. I also really liked the play yard. It is so cool. Everything looks so different." 

 Read more: AWSNA Facebook page.   NOLA workers2


On April 18-24, children around the world will celebrate Screen-Free Week (formerly TV-Turnoff) by turning off televisions, computers, and video games and turning on the world around them. Waldorf school communities are ideal partners in this global effort to eliminate screens for a week from the lives of children. In the curriculum at Waldorf schools, the human voice and human speech are cultivated through recitation and storytelling; imaginative play is a pillar of the work at school from early childhood on, transformed into drama through twelfth grade; and current brain research indicates that the curriculum in a Waldorf school supports development of the whole mind through play, the arts, and rigorous academics. Waldorf school communities already know the benefits of a week with no screens, but we can all do a bit more to focus away from the distractions of electronics that are so enmeshed in our complex and beautiful world. Join with us in working to have a completely free-of-screens week to emphasize the importance of this effort.   

For more information: Screen-Free Week 



Waldorf Education Events and Conferences

Please visit Why Waldorf Works for registration and contact information or for more details. If you have a conference you'd like posted on the site, send the information to

April 28 -May 1: Fair Oaks, CA
Impulse Youth Festival: Becoming the Seeds of Social Change
The festival's purpose is to bring together the youth and the young at heart into a conscious community and to inspire positive social renewal through games, music, art, conversation, as well as inner and outer transformative lectures given by Edgard Gouveia Jśnior, Orland Bishop and faculty at the Rudolf Steiner College. The Festival closes with an optional volunteer project - creating an urban garden in downtown Sacramento, California.

April 29-May 1, 2011: Mukwonago, WI
True Botanica Foundation Weekend Intensive Workshop
Anthroposophic Approaches to Therapies and Nutrition
June 13, 2011: Great Barrington, MA
Winning with Waldorf VI - featuring our champion, PGA touring golf pro, Duffy Waldorf, will be hosted by the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year.

June 24-27, 2011: Garden City, NY
Rudolf Steiner's Unique Understanding of Adolescence
Child Development and the Spiritual Intentions of Waldorf Education
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter Selg, M.D.
Dr. Peter Selg, MD, is a youth psychiatrist and spiritual scientific researcher working out of anthroposophy as director of the Ita Wegman Institute in Switzerland. From his deep study of and work with adolescents, he has developed a picture of the profound context out of which true Waldorf Education comes. This conference will delve into Rudolf Steiner's attitude towards the child and into the whole pedagogical challenge which childhood presents, creating a kind of basic reflection about the spiritual core of Waldorf Education. This conference will be of inestimable value for high school teachers, but it will speak just as much to educators of all levels who are fortunate enough to participate!
Please inform your communities and mark your calendars!
Hosted by Waldorf School of Garden City, Garden City, New York

June and October 2011: Chicago, IL
Teaching Sensible Science
The Research Institute for Waldorf Education, SENSRI and the Chicago Waldorf School are offering Michael D'Aleo's course on Teaching Sensible Science beginning in February 2011 at the Chicago Waldorf School.
SESSION 2: Saturday June 18- Friday June 24, 2011
SESSION 3: Wednesday October 5- Monday October, 10 2011
June 2011: Wauconda, IL and San Diego, CA
The 11th Annual Summer Music Conferences 2011
Creative Listening: Towards a Living Musical Pedagogy with Pär Ahlbom
Offering two sessions of the annual ANAWME summer conference:
Session 1 of  2: June 20 - 24 Water's Edge Waldorf School, Wauconda, IL 60084
Session 2: June 27 - July 1 Waldorf School of San Diego, CA

June 26 - July 1, 2011: Ghent, NY
Alkion Center for Adult Education's Summer Intensive
Practical and Fine Arts in the High School - The Shaping of the Soul in Adolescence
Summer Intensive fee: $450 (Register by June 1, $400) materials cost not included
Go to for more information and for an application form.  Inquire about accommodation options.
The Alkion Center is a developing member of AWSNA.

July 2011: Toronto, ON
Encounters with Imagination: A Festival of Arts and Education
The Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto in collaboration with Arscura -School for the Living Arts have invited a team of internationally acclaimed artists and educators to offer a diverse selection of practical and artistic workshops.
Week 1 (July 11-15)
Week 2 (July 18-22)
October 20-22, 2011: Ann Arbor, MI
AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Delegates' Meeting
The Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, Michigan will once again be hosting the Great Lakes Delegates' meeting.

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works

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