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Dear Friends,

As you know, on the weekend of April 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2011, many Waldorf alumni of all kinds (parents, teachers, alumni, grandparents, board members, friends) will be in New Orleans, helping the Waldorf School of New Orleans and working with the St. Bernard Project on  much-needed efforts in that unique city. The Waldorf community will be rebuilding and celebrating in service, reunion, and fun.

Some of the projects we'll be working on include lazure painting of classrooms, and if there's enough time, interest, and talent, perhaps even painting some murals. Or perhaps you have an interest in carpentry? The school needs a large shed built for storage and a porch for play. We'll also be helping to design a playground: building hills and tunnels, moving some garden beds, and providing structures. There is also furniture to be built - the school needs bookshelves, tables, and rocking chairs. You can check out the St. Bernard Project website for other projects as well.

The message boards are live on the Why Waldorf Works Alumni Corner - do go there now and sign up to join us. There are still some travel assistance funds available if you're interested.

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Premier Putin Visits the Waldorf School in Moscow

 Premier Putin visiting the Waldorf School in Moscow for an educational meeting and to present the Waldorf School Director and Mathematics teacher Michael Sluch with a 'best teacher in Russia' award. Premier Putin said "such schools are schools for the future".

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NYT: Effort to Restore Children's Play Gains Momentum


The "Play Movement" addresses the fact that too little playtime may seem to rank far down on the list of society's worries, but scientists, psychologists, educators and others say that most of the social and intellectual skills one needs to succeed in life and work are first developed through childhood play. New York Times January 5, 2011

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"We'd rather talk to kids about the meaning of life  

than what's on their shirt."


Looking to combat both classroom distractions and the fever pitch of children's advertising, a number of schools around the nation have policies in place prohibiting media characters from joining students in the form of backpacks, T-shirts, shoes and other apparel. Chicago Tribune January 4, 2011


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Boulder's Waldorf School Broadcasts in German

Boulder's Shining Mountain Waldorf School is the only school in the country to broadcast an hour-long radio program in German for the online German station "Deutschradio24sieben," according to Waldorf teacher Paula Blum. 

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Events and Conferences

Waldorf Education Events and Conferences

Please visit Why Waldorf Works for registration and contact information or for more details. If you have a conference you'd like posted on the site, send the information to

February 24-26, 2011 Chicago, IL
Great Lakes Regional Conference
Keynote speaker: Michael D'Aleo
Hosted by the Chicago Waldorf School

February 18, 2011: Chicago, IL
Teaching Sensible Science
The Research Institute for Waldorf Education, SENSRI and the Chicago Waldorf School are offering Michael D'Aleo's course on Teaching Sensible Science beginning in February 2011 at the Chicago Waldorf School.
(2nd and 3rd sessions will be held on June 24 and October 10.)
June 13, 2011: Great Barrington, MA
Winning with Waldorf VI - featuring our champion, PGA touring golf pro, Duffy Waldorf, will be hosted by the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year.

June 24-27, 2011: Garden City, NY
Rudolf Steiner's Unique Understanding of Adolescence
Child Development and the Spiritual Intentions of Waldorf Education
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter Selg, M.D.
Dr. Peter Selg, MD, is a youth psychiatrist and spiritual scientific researcher working out of anthroposophy as director of the Ita Wegman Institute in Switzerland. From his deep study of and work with adolescents, he has developed a picture of the profound context out of which true Waldorf Education comes. This conference will delve into Rudolf Steiner's attitude towards the child and into the whole pedagogical challenge which childhood presents, creating a kind of basic reflection about the spiritual core of Waldorf Education. This conference will be of inestimable value for high school teachers, but it will speak just as much to educators of all levels who are fortunate enough to participate!
Please inform your communities and mark your calendars!
Hosted by
Waldorf School of Garden City
Garden City, New York

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works.

You are welcome to send us Waldorf-related
events for posting on our web site.

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