Issue 5, #2 May 2010
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Seven Waldorf/Steiner Schools from the Northeast Collaborated for a first ever "Young Alumni Night." They met at the Gin Mill, a 1920's style speakeasy bar on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The event was an opportunity for Waldorf/Steiner alums to reconnect with familiar faces and network with alumni from other schools. The Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, Green Meadow Waldorf School, Hawthorne Valley School, Kimberton Waldorf School, Rudolf Steiner School of NYC, Waldorf School of Garden City, and Waldorf School of Princeton combined resources and finances to provide a private party room and food for the night's festivities. Including graduates, administrators, and guests, the event drew close to 80 people. Kirin Buckley, AWSNA's web editor, attended as a graduate of Hawthorne Valley School and reported that she had a great time. We're hoping that on the heels of this wonderful event, more mixed-Waldorf school alumni reunions can be organized across the country. Contact her at if you'd like to take part or if you have ideas or suggestions, especially as we prepare to launch AWSNA's official Alumni web site on WhyWaldorfWorks.

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Malibu Compost: Love, Compassion, Gratitude,
and Cow Manure

Colum Riley graduated from Kimberton in 1992, and now he is the co-founder and director of operations for one of the most exciting new companies on the west coast. His company, called"Malibu Compost", not only makes and sells biodynamic compost, but also rescues cows that are about to be slaughtered for beef. It's a wonderful story!

Why Waldorf Works.

Waldorf Students attend National High School
Model United Nations

Between March 17 and 20, 14 high school students from the Waldorf School of Garden City attended the 36th annual National High School Model United Nations conference in New York City. This four-day conference was a simulation of international diplomacy, with the specific mandate of educating high school delegates from across the globe about real-world solutions to some of the most eminent crises that threaten the political stability of the increasingly-globalized society.

Read the article at Why Waldorf Works.

Waldorf Education Events and Conferences

Please visit Why Waldorf Works for registration and contact information or for more details. If you have a conference you'd like posted on the site, send the information to

June 7, 2010: Chapel Hill, NC
AWSNA's Winning with Waldorf V
5th Annual Golf Tournament, hosted by the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC

June 22 - 25, 2010: Decatur, GA
AWSNA Summer Conference
Working Together: Building the Bridge to Adolescence
Preparing Students / Meeting the Challenges of Adolescence / Building Vibrant K-12 Programs
How can a school help students develop strong and healthy astral bodies?
What roles do all the parts of a Waldorf school play in preparing for, meeting and building on the passage of adolescence? How are schools working together K-12 to build vibrant middle grades and high school programs? Hosted by the Atlanta Waldorf School and Academe of the Oaks.

June 27 - July 2 and July 4 - 9, 2010: Wilton, NH
Center for Anthroposophy: Renewal Courses, one and two weeks.
Continuing education for Waldorf teachers and others. Dennis Klocek, arts, eurythmy, classroom management and more.

July 11 - 17 and July 11 - 24, 2010: Easton, MA
Rudolf Steiner Institute one and two-week Intensive Courses

July 19 - July 23, 2010: San Diego, CA
13th Annual ANAWME Music Conference for Waldorf Teachers
Co-sponsored by the Waldorf Institute of Southern California - San Diego
Changing Times - Changing Music - The New Music and its Natural Place in Waldorf Pedagogy

August 13-23, 2010: Austin, TX
Spacial Dynamics Training at the Austin Waldorf School.

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works.

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events for posting on our web site.

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