Issue 4, #2 April 2010
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Our teenagers need us to understand how they think - what they need - how to build capacities in them and for them. This year, the AWSNA Summer Conference focuses on the topic of adolescence: that marvelous and precarious bridge from childhood to adulthood. The conference is held from June 22 - 25, 2010 in beautiful Decatur, GA, hosted by The Waldorf School of Atlanta and Academe of the Oaks. How can a school help students develop strong and healthy astral bodies? What roles do all the parts of a Waldorf school play in preparing for, meeting, and building upon the passage of adolescence? How are schools working together K-12 to build vibrant middle grades and high school programs? Register today to attend what promises to be an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about adolescence from a Waldorf perspective, plus enjoying the usual splendid array of focus groups, artistic workshops, roundtable discussions, and an opportunity to network with hundreds of colleagues from across North America. You can register or learn more at Why Waldorf Works.

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Tech Gets a Time-Out

In a recent article in the San Francisco Magazine, Dan Fost writes about the many Waldorf parents who come from a highly technical world. (One example is Gary Yost, creator of the groundbreaking software 3D Studio Max). Fost writes: "A significant number of parents ... work at some of the very companies whose products the Waldorf schools train their students to avoid. Their ranks include an executive speechwriter at Google, a former Apple marketing manager whose job it was to get computers into classrooms as early as prekindergarten, the chief technology officer of eBay, a cofounder of legendary children's-software maker Broderbund, and the CEOs of several high-tech startups ... These digital-age parents have opted for a homespun environment where children handwrite their own textbooks, learn to knit in first grade, and spend two years in kindergarten communing with gnomes and fairies (no ABCs in sight). Then these parents push against the currents of the culture and their own industry by continuing an anti-tech lifestyle at home."

Read the complete article at Why Waldorf Works.
"Rudolf Steiner: Alchemy of the Everyday" - a traveling exhibition

"Rudolf Steiner: Alchemy of the Everyday," is a traveling exhibition organized by the Vitra Design Museum in collaboration with the Kunstmuseums of Wolfsburg and Stuttgart. Opening on May 13 in Wolfsburg, Germany, it is Steiner's first major retrospective ever staged outside the anthroposophic community. Waldorf alum Douglas Brenner wrote about the show recently in the New York Times: "The images that Vitra's chief curator and deputy director, Mateo Kries, sent me promise a vivid portrait in the round. Watercolors and sculptures, furniture and architectural models, stage sets and eurythmy robes, lab instruments and maps will flesh out Steiner's ideas on (among other topics) prenatal existence and child development, environmentalism and economics, medicine and reincarnation....It is fascinating to examine how Steiner dared to develop this overall vision that included everything from metaphysics and natural science to art."

Read the article at Why Waldorf Works.
Speech and Drama in Waldorf Schools

The project Speech and Drama in Waldorf Schools in North America is about to enter its 18th year! The initiative has facilitated some 150 speech visits to schools in the U.S. and Canada (each visit lasting 1-6 weeks), and comprises professional development and classroom application in a variety of formats with classes, teachers and individual children. It also includes parent education, faculty in-service days and events for the wider community. Founded by speech artist and educator Helen Lubin, and now also including the work of further speech colleagues, the project has grown thanks to the joy of cultivating living language in its supportive role in human development. Schools and speech artists are currently scheduling speech visits for 2010-11. Some funding is available.

For more information, contact: or 916 966 5749


Waldorf Education Events and Conferences

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June 7, 2010: Chapel Hill, NC
AWSNA's Winning with Waldorf V
5th Annual Golf Tournament, hosted by the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC

June 22 - 25, 2010: Decatur, GA
AWSNA Summer Conference
Working Together: Building the Bridge to Adolescence
Preparing Students / Meeting the Challenges of Adolescence / Building Vibrant K-12 Programs
How can a school help students develop strong and healthy astral bodies?
What roles do all the parts of a Waldorf school play in preparing for, meeting and building on the passage of adolescence? How are schools working together K-12 to build vibrant middle grades and high school programs? Hosted by the Atlanta Waldorf School and Academe of the Oaks.

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works.

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