Issue 2, #11 December 2009
Dear Friends,

We are always intrigued to learn about the accomplishments, challenges, and lives of Waldorf alums. Recently, Waldorf graduate Carey Mulligan received rave reviews for her role in An Education. Her next films will be Wall Street 2 and Brothers. In an interview with James Mottram, Carey describes what it's like to be Britain's fastest-rising star.

Michaela Kuzia prefers to be heard and not seen, but the Berklee College of Music graduate has recently released her second CD, "Never Gonna Look Back," and she is seriously pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter in spite of claiming she is still stage shy.

We feel both these young women exemplify qualities of Waldorf Education that are worth reading about. You can read both their interviews on Why Waldorf Works. Please send us stories about alums so we can share those as well.

Warm good wishes for this most beautiful holiday season!

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Message and Meaning

"Message and Meaning - Reclaiming the Link Between Independence and the Essence of American Education," an article by Patrice Maynard, has just been published in Independent Schools Magazine. In it she writes: "If we can identify for our culture the unique opportunity available in America, a national treasure of freedom in education, with rigorous debate between independent schools and government-provided schools, we can protect the variegated landscape of ideas and methods available to us into the future. If we can build a platform for discussion about education that transcends special interests (industries, unions, politics, ideologies) and squarely debate the needs of our nation's youth, we can lead the world in forging true excellence in education."

Read the complete article here.

A New National Voice in Independent Education
in Canada

The merger of two venerable Canadian educational associations has created a new national voice in independent education. The membership of both the Canadian Educational Standards Institute (CESI) and the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), has voted to dissolve their respective associations and to endorse the creation of a new organization that would combine the strengths of both founding groups.

Read more Why Waldorf Works

Why does Waldorf Education Talk about Warmth So Much?

This intriguing article by Adam Blanning M.D. discusses how warmth works throughout the entire spectrum of human experience, including physical warmth, emotional warmth, the warmth of love, of generosity, of morality - and how all of these "warmths" pour over and merge with each other, and why it's especially important to pay attention to warmth for young children.

Read more at Why Waldorf Works.


Upcoming Events

2010 AWSNA Summer Conference

June 22 - 25, 2010: Decatur, GA
Plan for the warmth of June in Atlanta as we embark on a three-year journey exploring adolescence and how to work together to build vibrant K-12 programs. Come and hear keynote speakers Betty Staley, Douglas Gerwin, Michele Starr, and Arthur Pittis speak on this important topic, plus join in on focus groups, artistic workshops, roundtable discussions, and more. This year's conference is hosted by Waldorf School of Atlanta and Academe of the Oaks, promising gracious southern hospitality on their beautiful wooded sites with splendid gardens in the heart of Atlanta.

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works.

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