Issue 2, #7 July 2009
Dear Friends,

The conference in June was particularly splendid - thanks to all who participated and gave of their time and expertise. The morning lectures by Virginia Sease were particularly inspiring, reaching out to a diverse audience through her talks that focused on the fundamentals of Waldorf education. Throughout the days, the workshops and focus groups were vibrant and interesting. We also had strong attendance at the Board soiree on Thursday night.  Over the past few years, we've been gathering Board members from AWSNA schools in various regions, introducing ourselves and each other, and the results have been an ever-strengthening network of friends in support of Waldorf Education.  Another highlight was the first ever face-to-face meeting of the Partnership Circle. The group explored many ideas around how to move forward, and agreed to try to focus on creating regional groups that are interested in our broad mission, that might take up independent projects.  Waldorf Education is seen by both as a future change agent.

Happy summer!   

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Waldorf Duo take to Unicycles

Running away to join the circus is a fairy tale dream for many and a reality for just a few. For two boys, Waldorf School students Taylor Wright-Sanson and Emmanuel Ribereau, Circus Smirkus is the opportunity to live the dream.

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Kimberton Waldorf School Kicks off Restoration Project

Kimberton Waldorf School is planning to restore the historical and architecturally-significant glass-paned roof in its middle school. Added on to the original stone house structure in the 1920's, the curved, hip-style glass roof was made and installed by the Lord & Burnham Company, the premier designer and builder of greenhouses and conservatories in the United States and Canada for over 25 years.

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Helping a Detroit Neighborhood

Every third Saturday, Detroit Waldorf School works on a community project within 15 minutes of the school. For example, projects help with The Greening of Detroit, and helping to combat hunger and improve nutrition for Detroit families. Read more Why Waldorf Works.
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SAVE THE DATE:  October 26th, 2009
Come join our champion, PGA Touring Golf Professional, Duffy Waldorf  Monday October 26th for AWSNA's Winning with Waldorf IV, hosted by the Waldorf School of Orange County in Costa Mesa, CA.  For sponsorship opportunities or for more information email:

More events can be found at Why Waldorf Works.

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