Issue 2, #5 May 2009
Dear Friends,

If you haven't already done so, register now to attend AWSNA's Summer Conference! Parents, Board members, administrative staff, teachers...All are welcome.

The focus of this year's conference is on social renewal and the social mission of Waldorf Education. The whole Waldorf community provides the substance of this one and so we need you there!  Conference highlights include: Virginia Sease addressing deeper aspects of destiny and karma in working with the community of children, teachers, parents, and friends as we develop Waldorf schools as new centers for social renewal, as places of personal growth and transformation, and as places for community and cultural change.

Daily round table discussions will explore emerging issues in our schools and in Waldorf Education related to the theme of the keynote presentations. Plus, you'll get to choose from a wide variety of workshops.

You can register on-line at WhyWaldorfWorks.


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Open for Business!

The Waldorf Community Marketplace is open for business! The Marketplace links businesses that acknowledge the importance of Waldorf Education with consumers who value businesses that support and strengthen Waldorf communities. AWSNA identifies businesses and resources offering goods and services that make your life - and the earth's - better, and lists them by business name.

Categories include:
Art & Art Supplies/Office Supplies
Books/Calendars/Cards; Cleaning & Paper Products
Clothes & Shoes
Educational Resources/Camps
Environmental/Energy Products
Health/Personal Care; Music; Organizations
Retail Stores/Restaurants/Food

Come and take a look at Waldorf Community Marketplace. And if you have a business that seems right for this venue, please contact us. 

Waldorf Schools Have Always Been Green

Waldorf Education's commitment to being 'green' is implicit in every aspect of our schools. Now it's getting increasingly explicit. Read an article published in the mainstream media about the newly-formed Green Committee at the Kimberton Waldorf School that is in the process of creating a riparian buffer along a tributary of the French Creek on the school property. And there's an article in the Miami-Herald that features the Sunrise Waldorf School: their recycling program, their organic vegetable garden, and the fact that they use organic crayons made from beeswax.

We're very proud that two members of AWSNA's Partnership Circle met as representatives from Green America with the Obama Transition Team last fall to discuss priorities for a sustainable economy: Jeffery Hollander, CEO of Seventh Generation, and Don Shaffer from RSF Social Finance.

Also noteworthy: On Earth Day AWSNA launched the web site's Green Pages, which are available to member schools who are interested in accessing detailed purchasing information about the best green products to use in schools.

Read more by going to Why Waldorf Works.

Waldorf Launches 'Forest' Kindergarten

In "Forest Kindergartens" the children are outside most of the day, year-round. The curriculum develops out of the environment, which is always changing - providing new problems to solve and situations to explore depending on the season and weather. Forest kindergartens began in Denmark in the 1950s and have steadily grown in popularity all across Europe. The trend has recently spread to the United States, and this is about to be launched at Saratoga Springs Waldorf School. 

Read more Why Waldorf Works.
Hallapalooza at Highland Hall Waldorf School

A crowd of over 1100 parents, faculty and friends gathered at Reseda High Auditorum for the biggest musical show in Highland Hall's 54-year history. Emceed by Melissa Etheridge, the event featured student performances ranging from classic rock to contemporary music as well as several classical music performances.

Read more at Why Waldorf Works.

Upcoming Events

AWSNA Summer Conference 2009
June 23 - 27 in Portland Waldorf School, Milwaukie, OR
Weaving the Educational Task with the Social Mission of Waldorf Schools: AWSNA Conference for Teachers, Staff, Parents, and Board Members, hosted by the Portland Waldorf School. Keynote Speaker: Virginia Sease.

Nature Institute Courses:

June 21- 27 in Harlemville, NY
Experiencing Wholeness in Nature

June 21- 27: Harlemville, NY
Bringing Science to Life - Professional Development for Science Teachers

Find out more details and contact information at Why Waldorf Works.

You are welcome to send us Waldorf-related
events for posting on our web site.

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