Issue 2, #4 April 2009
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Report: Education is "Fundamentally Deficient"

According to England's Cambridge Primary Review  (CPR), children's lives are being "impoverished" by an education that is "fundamentally deficient." The  recent report, part of the biggest inquiry into primary education in 40 years in the U.K., argues that children's right to a broad and balanced curriculum has been eroded by an obsession with literacy and numeracy - subjects that are constantly tested to assure government standards are being met. Other subjects, such as history, geography, the arts, and even science have been "squeezed out," according to the study. The CPR is a wide-ranging independent inquiry into the condition and future of early education - ages 4 through 11 - in England.

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Summer Camps Doing Well in Spite of Recession

 A recent article from the Associated Press states that most summer camps across North America are filling up despite the recession. Camp Glenbrook, which claims to "weave Waldorf Education with traditional New England camping" is featured in the article. Even families hit hard by the economy don't stint on summer programs. "The decision wasn't difficult at all, even though we're struggling," according to single mother Maurren Wrinn, who recently lost her job. "Camp Glen Brook has offered my son a sense of place where he's developed into his own self, in a way that only a summer camp can do." Parents like Wrinn are helping keep America's vast summer camp industry in a relatively upbeat mood as the recession takes a toll on many other sectors. Read the article by going to Why Waldorf Works.
Waldorf Student Wins Spelling Bee

Anna Rose Canzano, a seventh grader from the Detroit Waldorf School, is headed to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May! During competitions Anna Rose uses her fingers to write the words out in the air or on her arm to help visualize them, and she credits the practice with helping her win. She also likes to compete in jump-roping events

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Waldorf Teacher Preparation

Are you considering teaching as a career - or do you know someone who is? Waldorf is among the fastest growing educational movements in the world. Along with this type of growth is a constant demand for new teachers. Numerous Waldorf teacher education centers across North America offer both full-time and part-time programs. Some programs meet during the summers; others are year-round. Most programs lead to a Certificate in Waldorf Education; still others offer the option of earning a Master's degree (M.S. Ed.). All of the programs are innovative, offering an integrated curriculum that provides a sound philosophical, artistic, and practical foundation for Waldorf teaching. Please go to and check out "Teacher Preparation" for more information.

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Upcoming Events

AWSNA Summer Conference 2009
June 23 - 27 in Portland Waldorf School, Milwaukie, OR
Weaving the Educational Task with the Social Mission of Waldorf Schools AWSNA conference for Teachers, Staff, Parents, and Board Members hosted by the Portland Waldorf School. Keynote Speaker: Virginia Sease.

Nature Institute Courses:

June 21- 27 in Harlemville, NY
Experiencing Wholeness in Nature

June 21- 27: Harlemville, NY
Bringing Science to Life - Professional Development for Science Teachers

Global Events:

April 19-23 at the Goetheanum, Switzerland
Connect 2009
The next Connect Conference is on its way. A new team, a new idea, and a new challenge for all of us. Classes from all over the world are going to be active partners in shaping Connect 2009 by presenting their Class 12 projects in a major exhibition at the Goetheanum as well as in discussion groups, small performances, and presentations of all sorts! They will take part in conversation-spaces dealing with society and the challenges we face as (young) human beings in today's world.

Find out more details and contact information at Why Waldorf Works.

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