Issue 1, # 6 June 2008

Dear Friends,

We're back from Winning With Waldorf III! PGA Touring Champion Duffy Waldorf, already our hero, increased his heroics exponentially by gracing our third tourney three weeks after major knee and shin surgery.  He arrived with his lovely and capable nurse and wife, Vicky Waldorf, and a portable ice machine to keep his leg cool. With his considerable eloquence he let everyone know about the best education in the world for his children and for all children!

The delightful Redmont School, the only Waldorf school in Alabama, was our gracious host and the play was at the beautiful FarmLinks Golf Club.  The luxurious elegance of this course is beyond adequate description...combining forest, wild flowers, cultivated gardens, little wooden bridges, hills and valleys, and subtle gradings of greens for maximum challenge in the play.  Hole number five has a pro tee-off spot so high one can touch the clouds and commune with birds and angels while recovering from the shock of the stunning view. The Redmont School's administrator, Randy Brothers, was able to secure the course for this great event with his indomitable determination, development skills, and unlimited charm (among other, innumerable tasks).

We accomplished a great deal on the great day for Waldorf Education, for The Redmont School, for the Atlantic Southeast Region, and for the business community in Birmingham (and across the continent as well), who now know that Waldorf Education is part of their community's rich landscape.

Many thanks to all who supported with ads, sponsorships, long-distance cheers, and endless good will.  It was a miracle to see the little developing Redmont School pull off a continental event with such style and grace.

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Why Waldorf Works


PEN/Faulkner Award Winner: Kate Christensen
Recently, Kate Christensen won the 2008 PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction for her novel The Great Man. Kate graduated from Green Meadow Waldorf School in 1980, determined to be a novelist. She proceeded to write and publish four humorous, caustic, utterly compelling novels: In the Drink, Jeremy Thrane, The Epicure's Lament, and The Great Man. Although she attended a Waldorf school for just her junior and senior years, her teachers and classes left a lasting impression on her. She shared with us some reflections about her upbringing and her education in a recent interview.

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Why Waldorf Works

Eighth Grader Rides for Electric Vehicles 

For over a year, Liza Stoner has been planning her eighth grade project around riding her bike from the State Capitol in Minneapolis to Washington, D.C. to deliver a petition asking for tax credits and incentives for companies who produce or purchase electric cars.

Fourteen-year-old Liza Stoner recently graduated from the eighth grade at the City of Lakes Waldorf School. "I am hoping to be a very active environmentalist," she writes.

She'll be biking with her mom, with her dad and younger brother accompanying them in a supporting vehicle. If you're a Waldorf or like-minded family who lives along their route and you'd be interested in sharing a dinner and hearing about their adventures, you can contact them through their website at Ride for Renewal.

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Why Waldorf Works

Have a Wonderful Summer!
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