Issue: #3 March 2008
Dear Friends,

We've added a brand new feature to the WhyWaldorfWorks web site: the option to donate to the Association on-line. This makes it easier than ever for you to support the work that supports Waldorf Education. With over 175 affiliated Waldorf schools and Waldorf teacher training institutes on the North American continent, the Association continues to advocate for and promote Waldorf Education as a leading source of independent education and social renewal.  The growing vitality of Waldorf Education is only possible because of the support of our wonderful community, made up of people like you, who understand the importance of Strength through Collaboration.

Thank you for your continued confidence in our endeavors.

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Creativity in Thinking
2008 National Conference

Creativity in thinking - a core value in Waldorf Education - was the focus of the recent 2008 NAIS Conference held in New York City. AWSNA staff, board members, and teachers joined with 6500 educators to explore creative thinking in education and the state of education today.

The keynote speaker was Sir Ken Robinson, who spoke with both wit and wisdom about the need for creative thinking in solving cultural and economic challenges.

NAIS president Patrick F. Bassett expressed his conviction of the vital importance of a Right-Brained Future Curriculum for the 21st Century. The significance of "right-brained" creativity, rooted in Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, explored the implications for teaching and learning in 21st century schools. In his talk, Mr. Pink charted the value of right-brain thinking in modern economies, and expatiated on these six abilities individuals and organizations must master in an outsourced and automated world: design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning.

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Bennington Student Completes
AWSNA Internship

Ghent, NY - A Waldorf graduate and intern from Bennington College, Henry Lyon, recently completed a research project with AWSNA on developing a Waldorf alumni site.

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America recently received funding to create a web environment for Waldorf school alums, and, during deliberations as to how best to research and implement such a site, Patrice Maynard, Leader for Outreach and Development, was contacted by Lyon.

 "Henry Lyon happened to be interested in dedicating his College Field Work Term to the exact same project," according to Maynard.  "We were looking for a way to create a space where schools and individuals would find themselves comfortable in the AWSNA alumni networking site. Some of our objectives included creating a platform for social networking, a way for alums to contact each other, a mapping tool which locates individuals and communities, a community events bulletin, and a communications newsletter."

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Yet Another Reason to Go to Minneapolis
for AWSNA's Summer Conference in June

Peter Lawton, a sixth grade class teacher at the City of Lakes Waldorf School in Minneapolis, MN, recently received KS95's "Teacher of the Week" award. Sponsored by KS95 "in honor of all the hard work teachers do in the Twin Cities area," the award recognizes a teacher nominated by grateful colleagues, parents, or students. Congratulations, Peter!

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The Association for Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) is a not-for-profit membership organization that supports independent Waldorf schools, initiatives, and teacher training institutes, and promotes Waldorf education throughout North America.

Waldorf education is a holistic and developmental approach that integrates academic, practical and artistic elements as it addresses the changing needs of the growing child and maturing adolescent. Waldorf schools engage the heart and hands as well as the mind with a lively, experiential curriculum rich in the basics, literature, history, languages, the arts, the social and natural sciences and technology.

AWSNA provides leadership to schools by facilitating resources, networks and research as they strive towards excellence and build healthy school communities. The Association performs functions that its member schools and institutes could not do alone, including outreach and advocacy, accreditation and school support services, professional development activities, research and publications.

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