Issue: #2 February 2008
Dear Friends,

Following a tradition of 40 years of January meetings, delegates from schools and institutes recently gathered with the Association leadership in Pasadena, California. The rewarding task of continuing to strengthen ties between schools and to share insights into the Association's activities and accomplishments is a highlight of every year.  This year we collaborated on the newly revised "Path to Membership Handbook," we provided input into a survey on the effectiveness of association activities, and our new messaging strategy was presented. The commitment of Waldorf schools across the continent to a transformational education and social renewal was once again revealed in an inspiring, collegial, enjoyable gathering.

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How Green Are Waldorf Schools?

A fundamental aspect of Waldorf Education is a commitment to nurture and sustain the natural world.  Through curriculum and activities such as gardening, composting, and student-managed recycling programs, students learn to become stewards of the environment in which they live.

This is implicit in every Waldorf school.

But what about the explicit commitment to being eco-friendly in Waldorf schools and communities? Curious about this, and wondering if AWSNA could perhaps be of service in helping schools become more ecological, we sent a Green Survey to Waldorf schools and associated programs around the country in order to get a picture of their levels of commitment.

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Strengthening Our Message to the World

A gift has made it possible for us to work with a public relations firm, Churchill, and Company, Ltd. to unify our message so that Waldorf Education continues to become stronger and even more recognizable. After a year of focus groups, discussions with delegates, research, trials, and many refinements, a warmly-received presentation was offered at our January meeting. Tools in the form of a launch kit will be provided to schools, including graphics, typefaces, core distinguishing characteristics, and core benefits to identify schools affiliated with AWSNA and Waldorf Education. We hope the cornucopia of phrases and descriptions will help schools avoid re-inventing descriptors each time copy must be written. The insightful donor who made this possible was commended heartily by our appreciative schools. As one school administrator responded, "This will easily save our school thousands of dollars" - multiply this by all our schools and this is truly worth a million.

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Duffy Waldorf
PGA Golf Pro Duffy Waldorf
Tees Up For Waldorf Education

Winning With Waldorf III is set for June 9, 2008, in Birmingham, Alabama, hosted by the Redmont School and taking place at the beautiful Farm Links Golf Course. Our PGA champion, Duffy Waldorf, will be there to tee off to success again. More information will follow, but save the date and plan to join us for a great day of celebrity golf.

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The Association for Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) is a not-for-profit membership organization that supports independent Waldorf schools, initiatives, and teacher training institutes, and promotes Waldorf education throughout North America.

Waldorf education is a holistic and developmental approach that integrates academic, practical and artistic elements as it addresses the changing needs of the growing child and maturing adolescent. Waldorf schools engage the heart and hands as well as the mind with a lively, experiential curriculum rich in the basics, literature, history, languages, the arts, the social and natural sciences and technology.

AWSNA provides leadership to schools by facilitating resources, networks and research as they strive towards excellence and build healthy school communities. The Association performs functions that its member schools and institutes could not do alone, including outreach and advocacy, accreditation and school support services, professional development activities, research and publications.

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