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Lions Gate Chorus, Vancouver, BCI, like thousands of other women around the world, have been madly rehearsing in preparation for the Sweet Adelines International a cappella harmony competition Oct.17 -22 in Houston,TX. I sing with the 120-voiced Lions Gate Chorus from Vancouver, BC and in our last showing at International Competition we proudly won both the 2nd place Silver Medal and the Audience Choice Award for Most Entertaining Chorus.


You can imagine the goals we have been working toward for this competition!  For 2 years we have been preparing for our onstage competition performance time which lasts for a total of 21 minutes! And hoping, of course, to deliver our peak performance onstage at exactly the right moment. In my capacity working as the "Inner Coach of Barbershop" and as Lions Gate Chorus' Inner Coach, we very intentionally remind ourselves that if we attach ourselves to a possible result, we will interfere with the possibility that our "result" will be the one we want. 


Think about how the application of that concept applies to your own work and personal life and how focusing on a "result" can actually get in the way of your achieving the "result" you want. Read my feature article below.


And if you want to hear some fabulous a cappella singing, tune into the Competition webcast. Click this link to get the connection details.  Lions Gate is onstage at 12:29 pm Central time as Competitor #9.  We would love to feel your support through cyberspace!


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Jan Carley, PCC

Certified Executive Coach  Creative Coaching Group
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Feature Article: When Detachment is a Good Thing

the NOW clockWe usually think of someone who is "detached" as being rather anti-social, perhaps even aloof. Surely, considering our society's obsession with staying "connected", "detaching" from something cannot possibly be a good thing? Or can it?


There are times when detaching from an outcome is actually the best course of action for maximum results. Specifically, for those events, conversations and situations over which you have no ultimate control of the outcome, and especially in those situations to which you have a big investment of emotion attached. If the potential result or outcome is not in your absolute control, detaching from that outcome will serve you well.


You can bet that a successful Olympic athlete does not spend their mental energy pre-competition thinking and worrying about whether they will win or not. They know that the only thing they have control over is their own performance. They cannot control how everyone else does on race day. They will have spent time visualizing the perfect race run, the perfect shot hit, the perfect run skied in advance and they may even have visualized themselves on the podium with the gold medal - but they will have separated their actual performance from that end result. Setting a stretch goal and having a clear vision is a good thing. It is when we get attached to a result we have no control over that we add a layer of interference that gets in the way of our actually achieving that goal.


My recipe for success in any situation that you really care about the final outcome but ultimately have no control over it, are 2 key phrases:



You can apply this High Intention/Low Attachment concept to any part of your life ;

when going out on a date with someone you really are interested in, or going for a job interview for a job that would be absolutely perfect, or when you are having a meeting with a potential big investor in your business. Go into that important situation with high "intention", that is, a clear and focused purpose and a low "attachment" to the outcome.




1/ Reduces mental interference by focusing your mind and energy solely on your purpose (your intention)


2/ Opens possibilities for outcomes you may not even have considered.  By not prescribing the outcome you want, there could be an even more wonderful possibility that presents itself that is even more closely connected with your intention.


3/ Allows you to stay in the present moment which is where the magic lies. When we focus our energies on what might happen in the future we reduce the potential effectiveness of where we are now and we create interference that does not allow us to be in the moment. "The point of power is in the present moment." - Louise Hay


Experiment with this concept. I guarantee you will be amazed at the positive mental "shift" that having "high intention/low attachment" brings!  


Lightbulb of the Month

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"It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."   - Sir Winston Churchill


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